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Wales Results

Welsh Assembly Results
Party Welsh Labour Plaid Cymru Welsh Conservative UKIP Wales Welsh Liberal Democrat
Seats 29 12 11 7 1
Change −1 +1 −3 +7 −4

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Latest headlines

  1. Labour win 29 seats - but fall short of a majority
  2. UKIP wins its first seats in the Assembly
  3. Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood ousts Labour in Rhondda
  4. Mapping the election - see party vote share by constituency across Wales

Cynon Valley

Welsh Assembly constituency Region - South Wales Central
Result: LAB HOLD


Party Candidates Votes % Net percentage change in seats


Welsh Labour

Candidates Vikki Howells Votes 9,830 51.1% Net percentage change in seats −10.9


Plaid Cymru

Candidates Cerith Griffiths Votes 3,836 19.9% Net percentage change in seats −7.3


UKIP Wales

Candidates Liz Wilks Votes 3,460 18.0% Net percentage change in seats +18.0


Welsh Conservative

Candidates Lyn Hudson Votes 1,177 6.1% Net percentage change in seats −2.0


Wales Green Party

Candidates John Matthews Votes 598 3.1% Net percentage change in seats +3.1


Welsh Liberal Democrat

Candidates Michael Wallace Votes 335 1.7% Net percentage change in seats −0.9

Turnout and Majority

Welsh Labour Majority




Vote share

Party %
Welsh Labour 51.1
Plaid Cymru 19.9
UKIP Wales 18.0
Welsh Conservative 6.1
Wales Green Party 3.1

Vote share change since 2011

UKIP Wales
Wales Green Party
Welsh Conservative
Plaid Cymru
Welsh Labour

Constituency Profile

The Cynon Valley is in the heart of the former coal-mining communities in the south Wales valleys around 25 miles north of Cardiff.

The main town is Aberdare. The area retained its connection to deep mining until relatively recently as the home of Tower Colliery, the pit where miners staged a successful workers' buy-out to extend its life. The constituency has high levels of economic deprivation which are reflected in poor health and above average rates of unemployment. The average life expectancy here of 76.7 is one of the lowest in Wales. The constituency also has the joint-highest level of Economic Inactivity at 26% - defined as people who are not in employment or unemployed. There are many reasons why an individual may be inactive, for example, they might be looking after family or long-term sick. This is one of Labour's safest seats, which has been held by Christine Chapman since 1999, but she will stand down at May's election.

In 2011, Labour won with 62% of the vote and Plaid Cymru came second with 27%.

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