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Wales Results

Welsh Assembly Results
Party Welsh Labour Plaid Cymru Welsh Conservative UKIP Wales Welsh Liberal Democrat
Seats 29 12 11 7 1
Change −1 +1 −3 +7 −4

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Latest headlines

  1. Labour win 29 seats - but fall short of a majority
  2. UKIP wins its first seats in the Assembly
  3. Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood ousts Labour in Rhondda
  4. Mapping the election - see party vote share by constituency across Wales


Party Candidates Votes % Net percentage change in seats


Plaid Cymru

Candidates Leanne Wood Votes 11,891 50.6% Net percentage change in seats +21.1


Welsh Labour

Candidates Leighton Andrews Votes 8,432 35.9% Net percentage change in seats −27.3


UKIP Wales

Candidates Stephen Clee Votes 2,203 9.4% Net percentage change in seats +9.4


Welsh Conservative

Candidates Maria Hill Votes 528 2.2% Net percentage change in seats −2.6


Wales Green Party

Candidates Pat Matthews Votes 259 1.1% Net percentage change in seats +1.1


Welsh Liberal Democrat

Candidates Rhys Taylor Votes 173 0.7% Net percentage change in seats −1.7

Turnout and Majority

Plaid Cymru Majority




Vote share

Party %
Plaid Cymru 50.6
Welsh Labour 35.9
UKIP Wales 9.4
Welsh Conservative 2.2
Wales Green Party 1.1

Vote share change since 2011

Plaid Cymru
UKIP Wales
Wales Green Party
Welsh Conservative
Welsh Labour

Latest updates

Labour leader candidate Brexit 'devastation' warning
Welsh Labour leadership candidate Eluned Morgan says leaving the EU could bring Wales "devastation".
Wood says Rhondda MP win 'doable'
The Plaid Cymru leader says her party can beat Labour in her local constituency in the General Election.

'A great colleague'

Labour MP laments minister's defeat in Rhondda

Swing when you're winning

Largest swings after all 40 constituency results

A girl on a swing
  • Blaenau Gwent: 27.73% swing Lab to Plaid
  • Rhondda: 24.19% swing Lab to Plaid
  • Cardiff West: 11.71% swing Lab to Plaid

Time for a kip

Defeated Labour minister thanks supporters

Constituency Profile

Rhondda is in the south Wales valleys to the north west of Cardiff.

It includes former mining communities such as Porth, Tonypandy and Treorchy. Rhondda suffers relatively high levels of unemployment - nearly double the UK rate at more than 11% - despite various schemes to revitalise the area after the pits closed. Nearly a quarter of working age people here receive benefits - double the British average. It saw the biggest shock of the first assembly election in 1999 when Plaid Cymru won a seat that had been - and continues to be - rock-solid Labour at Westminster. Leighton Andrews won the seat for Labour in 2003 with a majority of nearly 8,000 and defended it comfortably in 2007 and 2011.

Last time round Labour won a majority of 6,739 with 63.2% of the vote, followed by Plaid Cymru on 29.5%, the Conservatives 4.8% and Lib Dems 2.5%. Economic regeneration and transport links are key local issues and, with Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood challenging one of Welsh Labour's big beasts, Rhondda looks set to be one of the most high-profile contests of the election.

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