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Wales Results

Welsh Assembly Results
Party Welsh Labour Plaid Cymru Welsh Conservative UKIP Wales Welsh Liberal Democrat
Seats 29 12 11 7 1
Change −1 +1 −3 +7 −4

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Latest headlines

  1. Labour win 29 seats - but fall short of a majority
  2. UKIP wins its first seats in the Assembly
  3. Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood ousts Labour in Rhondda
  4. Mapping the election - see party vote share by constituency across Wales


Welsh Assembly constituency Region - South Wales West
Result: LAB HOLD


Party Candidates Votes % Net percentage change in seats


Welsh Labour

Candidates Rebecca Evans Votes 11,982 39.7% Net percentage change in seats −8.4


Welsh Conservative

Candidates Lyndon Jones Votes 10,153 33.6% Net percentage change in seats +3.7


UKIP Wales

Candidates Colin Beckett Votes 3,300 10.9% Net percentage change in seats +10.9


Plaid Cymru

Candidates Harri Roberts Votes 2,982 9.9% Net percentage change in seats −2.3


Welsh Liberal Democrat

Candidates Sheila Kingston-Jones Votes 1,033 3.4% Net percentage change in seats −6.5


Wales Green Party

Candidates Abi Cherry-Hamer Votes 737 2.4% Net percentage change in seats +2.4

Turnout and Majority

Welsh Labour Majority




Vote share

Party %
Welsh Labour 39.7
Welsh Conservative 33.6
UKIP Wales 10.9
Plaid Cymru 9.9
Welsh Liberal Democrat 3.4

Vote share change since 2011

UKIP Wales
Welsh Conservative
Plaid Cymru
Welsh Liberal Democrat
Welsh Labour

Constituency Profile

Best known for its stunning coastline, the Gower peninsula was the first area in the UK to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It is consequently a popular tourist destination, attracting holiday-makers and surfers to its beaches. Average weekly pay in the Gower constituency is £562.50 - the highest in Wales - and 73% of residents are in employment. Traditionally a Labour stronghold, the party held the seat at Westminster for over a century until the Conservatives' slender victory by 27 votes at last year's general election. The sitting Labour AM, Edwina Hart, is standing down at the 2016 election having represented the seat since the dawn of Welsh devolution. If the Tories' are to replicate their electoral success in Gower in May's Welsh Assembly election, they will need to overturn a Labour majority of 4,864. In the 2011 election Labour polled 48.1% of the vote, ahead of the Conservatives on 29.9%, Plaid Cymru on 12.1%, and the Liberal Democrats on 9.9%.

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