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Scottish Parliament Results
Party Scottish National Party Scottish Conservatives Scottish Labour Scottish Green Party Scottish Lib Dems Independent
Seats 63 31 24 6 5 0
Change −6 +16 −13 +4 - −1

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  1. Victory for the SNP with 63 seats - two short of a majority
  2. Conservatives are the second largest party on 31 seats - but Labour on 24 lost 13 seats
  3. Scottish Greens are the fourth largest party with six seats, ahead of the Lib Dems who won five
  4. See the changing political map of Scotland
Result: SNP HOLD


Party Candidates Votes % Net percentage change in seats


Scottish National Party

Candidates Aileen Campbell Votes 14,821 44.0% Net percentage change in seats −5.9


Scottish Conservatives

Candidates Alex Allison Votes 8,842 26.2% Net percentage change in seats +11.9


Scottish Labour

Candidates Claudia Beamish Votes 6,995 20.7% Net percentage change in seats −15.0



Candidates Danny Meikle Votes 1,332 4.0% Net percentage change in seats +4.0


Clydesdale and South Scotland Independent

Candidates Bev Gauld Votes 909 2.7% Net percentage change in seats +2.7


Scottish Lib Dems

Candidates Jennifer Jamieson Ball Votes 820 2.4% Net percentage change in seats +2.4

Turnout and Majority

Scottish National Party Majority




Vote share

Party %
Scottish National Party 44.0
Scottish Conservatives 26.2
Scottish Labour 20.7
Independent 4.0
Clydesdale and South Scotland Independent 2.7

Vote share change since 2011

Scottish Conservatives
Clydesdale and South Scotland Independent
Scottish Lib Dems
Scottish National Party
Scottish Labour

Latest updates

SNP hold

Aileen Campbell, 35,used to work for Nicola Sturgeon in 2005 and Shona Robison in 2006 as a Parliamentary Assistant.

Aileen was first elected to the Scottish Parliament on 3rd May 2007 as a list member for the South of Scotland. She was re-elected as the MSP for Clydesdale at the 5th May 2011 election and has also been appointed as Minister for Children and Young People in the Scottish Government.

Aileen Campbell

Here's our estimates of the first declarations.....

The estimated times for the first declarations are: 

Rutherglen - 1:30 but may change 

East Kilbride 1:45

Reevel Anderson
Reevel Alderson in East Kilbride

Clydesdale 2:00, but may change 

Hamilton Larkhall & Stonehouse 2.00

What time will a result be declared?

Based on the 2011 Holyrood election results, the estimated declaration time for this constituency is between 03:00 and 03:30

BBC Scotland's Pacific Quay headquarters preparing for election coverage

Final preparations underway at Pacific Quay, as BBC Scotland gets ready to begin its election coverage at 10.30pm. 

BBC Pacific Quay

Watch this space

Visit this page for the latest updates, articles and videos about this constituency in the run-up to the Scottish Parliament Election, and for results from 10pm on Thursday 5 May 2016.

Scottish Parliament

Constituency Profile

Clydesdale is a large, sparsely populated seat following the routes of the River Clyde and the M74 south and east of Hamilton. Some areas were once known for coal mining, such as Carluke, but most of the territory comprises hills and moorland and agricultural land.

The largest towns are Lanark, Biggar and Strathaven, and all are home to various light industries. Although there is no longer mining in the area, the extraction of sand and gravel still takes place around Carstairs, a town also known for its railway junction, as the lines from Glasgow and Edinburgh meet there. The country's state hospital is also located there, a maximum-security psychiatric facility where Scotland's most severe cases of mental illness are treated.

Labour's Karen Gillon took the seat in Scottish elections in 1999, 2003 and 2007. Aileen Campbell won the seat for the SNP in 2001.

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