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Scottish Parliament Results
Party Scottish National Party Scottish Conservatives Scottish Labour Scottish Green Party Scottish Lib Dems Independent
Seats 63 31 24 6 5 0
Change −6 +16 −13 +4 - −1

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  1. Victory for the SNP with 63 seats - two short of a majority
  2. Conservatives are the second largest party on 31 seats - but Labour on 24 lost 13 seats
  3. Scottish Greens are the fourth largest party with six seats, ahead of the Lib Dems who won five
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Angus South

Scottish Parliament constituency Region - North East Scotland
Result: SNP HOLD


Party Candidates Votes % Net percentage change in seats


Scottish National Party

Candidates Graeme Dey Votes 15,622 48.9% Net percentage change in seats −9.5


Scottish Conservatives

Candidates Kirstene Hair Votes 11,318 35.4% Net percentage change in seats +15.3


Scottish Labour

Candidates Joanne McFadden Votes 3,773 11.8% Net percentage change in seats −1.6


Scottish Lib Dems

Candidates Clive Sneddon Votes 1,216 3.8% Net percentage change in seats +0.6

Turnout and Majority

Scottish National Party Majority




Vote share

Party %
Scottish National Party 48.9
Scottish Conservatives 35.4
Scottish Labour 11.8
Scottish Lib Dems 3.8

Vote share change since 2011

Scottish Conservatives
Scottish Lib Dems
Scottish Labour
Scottish National Party

Constituency Profile

Agriculture is one of the major industries in Angus, along with engineering, fishing, food processing, textiles and pharmaceuticals. Tourists are attracted to the area’s challenging golf course at Carnoustie.

Arbroath, which is about 16 miles from Dundee and 45 miles south of Aberdeen, sits inside this constituency and is the largest town in the council area. It lends its name to the Declaration of Arbroath and famous delicacy, the Arbroath Smokie, a smoked haddock.

In 1966 Jock Bruce-Gardyne held the Westminster seat of Angus South, with the biggest Conservative majority in Scotland. In October 1974 he was beaten by the SNP’s Andrew Welsh. He held the seat until 1979 when Peter Fraser, Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, regained it for the Conservatives. Lord Fraser died in 2013. In 1987 Mr Welsh won it back. In 1999 he was elected Angus’ first MSP, retaining it in 2003 and 2007. The SNP’s Graeme Dey won in 2011.

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