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Scottish Parliament Results
Party Scottish National Party Scottish Conservatives Scottish Labour Scottish Green Party Scottish Lib Dems Independent
Seats 63 31 24 6 5 0
Change −6 +16 −13 +4 - −1

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Latest headlines

  1. Victory for the SNP with 63 seats - two short of a majority
  2. Conservatives are the second largest party on 31 seats - but Labour on 24 lost 13 seats
  3. Scottish Greens are the fourth largest party with six seats, ahead of the Lib Dems who won five
  4. See the changing political map of Scotland
Result: SNP HOLD


Party Candidates Votes % Net percentage change in seats


Scottish National Party

Candidates Mairi Evans Votes 13,417 45.7% Net percentage change in seats −9.1


Scottish Conservatives

Candidates Alex Johnstone Votes 10,945 37.3% Net percentage change in seats +11.7


Scottish Labour

Candidates John Ruddy Votes 2,752 9.4% Net percentage change in seats −3.3


Scottish Lib Dems

Candidates Euan Davidson Votes 2,265 7.7% Net percentage change in seats +0.8

Turnout and Majority

Scottish National Party Majority




Vote share

Party %
Scottish National Party 45.7
Scottish Conservatives 37.3
Scottish Labour 9.4
Scottish Lib Dems 7.7

Vote share change since 2011

Scottish Conservatives
Scottish Lib Dems
Scottish Labour
Scottish National Party

Latest updates

Mark McDonald, Maureen Watt and Kevin Stewart

The Conservatives win Aberdeenshire West and four list MSPs on a good night in the north east for the SNP, with the Lib Dems holding Orkney and Shetland.

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SNP's Mairi Evans holds Angus North and Mearns

SNP's Mairi Evans holds Angus North & Mearns

SNP's Mairi Evans holds Angus North and Mearns

SNP's Mairi Evans holds Angus North & Mearns

What time will a result be declared?

Based on the 2011 Holyrood election results, the estimated declaration time for this constituency is about 03:00. 

Watch this space

Visit this page for the latest updates, articles and videos about this constituency in the run-up to the Scottish Parliament Election, and for results from 10pm on Thursday 5 May 2016.

Scottish Parliament

Constituency Profile

At the heart of this seat is Brechin – a town with a cathedral. The structure has a round tower and contains medieval features from the 13th and 14th centuries.

Three key towns in this seat came from three different constituencies – Stonehaven used to be in Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, Montrose used to be in Angus and Forfar used to be in North Tayside. The Scottish coastal resort of Montrose is about 40 miles north of Dundee between the mouths of the North and South Esk rivers. The town has a wealth of history and remains an important commercial port for the oil and gas industry.

The SNP’s Andrew Welsh represented Angus in the Scottish Parliament since the first Holyrood election in 1999, until 2011, when Nigel Don became the party’s successful candidate.

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