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    Video caption: Religious leaders not ‘misinformed’ on post-Brexit trade deal, says Welby

    The Archbishop of Canterbury says he “regrets" the former Archbishop of York not sitting in the House of Lords.

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    Video caption: Brexit: Theresa May seems unimpressed with Michael Gove's security plan

    The former PM's facial expressions show her reaction to cabinet minster's response on post-Brexit security.

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    Video caption: Brexit: Rachel Reeves on future UK-EU trading with tariffs

    Rachel Reeves calls on the government to be “honest” about the effects of the UK not reaching a trade deal with the EU.

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    Video caption: Brexit: Gove on UK not reaching trade deal with EU

    Michael Gove says not reaching a trade deal with the EU is not his "preferred outcome”.

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    Video caption: Jacob Rees Mogg on England Wales travel restrictions

    Travel restrictions between England and Wales would be “unconstitutional” and would put police in an “invidious position”, says Jacob Rees-Mogg.

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    Video caption: Rees Mogg on MPs attending Commons through coronavirus

    MPs have to “show the way” and carry on attend attending Parliament through coronavirus, says the leader of the Commons.