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    Video caption: How stupid does Boris Johnson think British people are? - Chris Bryant

    The Labour MP says the PM is "making fools" of those cheering this "shower of shenanigans".

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    Video caption: Downing Street party: Blackford says Johnson 'feels no shame'

    The SNP Westminster says the PM “feels no shame" over drinking in the Downing Street garden during lockdown.

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    Video caption: Downing Street party: Keir Starmer asks PM Boris Johnson if he will resign

    Sir Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson has “run out of road” over the No 10 party in May 2020.

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    Video caption: Boris Johnson: Watch PM apology's over Downing Street party

    Watch Boris Johnson admit to MPs that he attended the May 2020 drinks in No 10's garden.

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    Video caption: NI families 'desperate but cannot access £2m fuel scheme'

    Families are in desperate need but cannot access an emergency scheme, a Stormont committee hears.

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    Video caption: Rayner and Ellis on Johnson role in No 10 work lockdown party

    Labour's deputy leader says there is no need for an investigation in to a No 10 party if the PM explains if he knew about it and attended.

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    Video caption: No 10 party: Boris Johnson can run but he can't hide - Angela Rayner

    In a Commons urgent question on the No 10 party, Labour's deputy leader says the PM's absence "speaks volumes".