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    Video caption: Tim Davie on political views when appointing news staff

    The BBC's director general Tim Davie, is questioned on how BBC News its selects senior staff.

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    Video caption: Kwasi Kwarteng on gas prices: No question of the lights going out

    Any talk of an energy supply emergency is alarmist and completely misguided, the business and energy secretary says.

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    Video caption: AUKUS: Boris Johnson on UK, Australia and US defence pact

    Boris Johnson says Australia and the UK are as “closely aligned in international policy as any two countries in the world”.

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    Video caption: Ian Blackford challenges Johnson on inflation rate

    SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford says the government needs a winter plan for working families.

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    Video caption: Nadia Whittome questions PM on sick pay

    Labour MP Nadia Whittome asked if the government would commit to sick pay "at a real living wage".

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    Video caption: Starmer challenges Johnson on universal credit cuts

    Sir Keir Starmer and the prime minister exchanged barbs over the proposed cut in universal credit.

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    Video caption: Sir Ed Davey: Social care plan forgets family carers

    Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey says the government should raise carers' allowance.

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    Video caption: Sir Keir Starmer: Tories putting rich donors ahead of public

    The Tories are putting their "rich mates" ahead of ordinary working people says Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.