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    Video caption: Chancellor Rishi Sunak on windfall taxes on oil and gas profits

    Windfall taxes are "not the simple easy answer" to every problem, the chancellor tells MPs.

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    Video caption: Miliband predicts government will bring in windfall tax on energy firms

    The former Labour leader tells the chancellor to "get on with it" and tax the profits of oil and gas firms.

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    Video caption: Labour reaction to Liz Truss plans for Northern Ireland Protocol

    Labour's Stephen Doughty asks if the government did not understand its Brexit agreement or if it "intended to break it all along".

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    Video caption: Liz Truss Commons' statement on Northern Ireland Protocol

    The UK government is looking for a solution in Northern Ireland that “can command the broadest possible” support the foreign secretary tells MPs.

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    Video caption: Peers calls Michael Gove 'intellectual flibbertygibbet' over House of Lords move

    Members of the Lords are not impressed with the levelling up secretary saying peers should leave London during restoration works in Parliament.

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    Video caption: 'We can proceed no further without a Speaker' - Maskey

    The DUP blocks the executive from forming by refusing to elect a Speaker.