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Time to take veggie burgers and sausages off the menu?

Criticism of EU plans to change veggie food labelling
Could vegetarian sausages and veggie burgers be taken off the menu? 

The EU's Agriculture Committee is weighing up proposals to prevent the manufacturers of vegetarian food from using words like sausage, burger and mince to describe their products. A Lords committee is investigating what the impact could be.
Kristiina Cooper reports.

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PMQs: Tonia Antoniazzi asks PM about medical cannabis
A Labour MP asks the prime minister why families are still waiting for medical cannabis to treat children with severe epilepsy.
PMQs: Corbyn asks May about 'unsafe' Grenfell-style cladding
Jeremy Corbyn asks why 328 high-rise buildings in the UK still have "Grenfell-style" cladding on them, two years after the fire.
PMQs: Blackford, Bercow and May on Boris Johnson quotes
The SNP Westminster leader is asked by the Speaker to withdraw claims of racism about quotes from Tory leadership candidate Boris Johnson.