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New legal definition of domestic abuse

Domestic abuse bill introduced in Commons
New legislation that creates - for the first time - a wide-ranging legal definition of domestic abuse has started its journey through Parliament.  

What's being described as the "landmark" Domestic Abuse Bill was welcomed by MPs of all parties.

But there were questions about whether the next Prime Minister would be fully committed to it. 

Kristiina Cooper reports. 

You can hear more from Today in Parliament at 11.30pm on Radio 4.

MPs call for HS2 review

Concerns remain over the cost and impact.
MPs call for an independent review of the whole of the HS2 high speed rail scheme amid concern the cost of the scheme could rise.
But ministers reject the idea, saying the cost remains at £56 billion and that HS2 faces constant scrutiny. Simon Jones reports.
And you can hear much more from Today in Parliament on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30pm or on BBC Sounds.
Theresa May speaks to Laura Kuenssberg in final Number 10 interview
The prime minister has told the BBC that she will leave the job with a "mixture of pride and disappointment"