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    Video caption: Covid-19: Stormont's key coronavirus moments

    A look back at some of the key moments in Stormont's coronavirus press conferences since they began in March.

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    Video caption: Lord Maginnis will not take part in 'behaviour training'

    Lord Maginnis is not going to take part in “behaviour training" as recommended by a watchdog for using “homophobic and offensive" language.

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    Video caption: Speaker Hoyle on video calls for people with a stammer

    A former assistant to an MP, who has a stammer, has challenged himself to speak to important people to help raise awareness and improve his speech.

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    Video caption: PMQs: Johnson and Starmer on anti-vaccine claims

    The Labour leader says there should be legislation to clamp down on false information.

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    Video caption: PMQS: Blackford and Johnson on 'excluded' taking their lives

    Millions of people have "not had a penny of support" during the pandemic, the SNP Westminster leader says.