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  1. Rob Burrow's dad hopes MND petition 'makes a difference'

    BBC Radio Leeds

    The father of former Leeds Rhinos player Rob Burrow says his trip to deliver a petition to Downing Street was "more than worth it".

    MND Campaigners outside Downing St

    Geoff Burrow joined Rob, former Bradford City footballer Stephen Darby and other campaigners to call on the government to invest £50m in research into Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

    He told BBC Radio Leeds: "It was an absolutely brilliant day - tiring, but brilliant. And to see the MPs and the fellow sufferers with MND all smiling, it really was a fabulous day."

    Rob was diagnosed in 2019, and since then has worked to raise the profile of efforts to combat the disease.

    Geoff added: "You don't realise how brutal MND is until it happens to you or a family member."

    Hear more from his interview:

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    Video caption: Geoff Burrow talks about handing in a petition to Downing Street.
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    Video caption: Angela Rayner: Tories do not care about working people

    Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner says working people will have to choose between heating and eating this winter.

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    Video caption: SNP's Kirsten Oswald: This is a Tory cost of living crisis

    SNP MP Kirsten Oswald asks the government to scrap benefits cuts so people won't have to choose between heating and eating.

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    Video caption: Ben Wallace on action over Afghan data breach reveals personal details

    Ben Wallace tells MPs it is an "understatement" he was angered over an email giving personal details of Afghan translators.

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    Video caption: Tim Davie on political views when appointing news staff

    The BBC's director general Tim Davie, is questioned on how BBC News its selects senior staff.

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    Video caption: Kwasi Kwarteng on gas prices: No question of the lights going out

    Any talk of an energy supply emergency is alarmist and completely misguided, the business and energy secretary says.