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The reason the North is so 'Brexity'

BBC Radio 5 Live

Chris Lloyd, the chief features writer and political commentator for The Northern Echo, blames the north-south divide for the way so many people voted in the Brexit referendum.

“It's this feeling that the North as an entity is just forgotten about," he says.

“This 'Manifesto for the North' [a front page headline run by northern papers on Thursday] is really trying to remind people that the North is still here.

“We have specific demands, if you like, for increased infrastructure spending, better transport spending, actually joining the North East up.

“But it’s also about the fact that one of the reasons we are so Brexity up here is that we feel so disconnected, so far away from London and even further away from Brussels."

Front pages of The Journal, The North Echo and The Chronicle

The 250-mile definition gap

BBC Radio 5 Live

For people in Bishop Auckland, the floods in South Yorkshire are close enough to home to be a worry.

But local farmer Yvonne Scales thinks the distance between here and Westminster makes a big difference in perception.

“If the floods were in London I think it would be a national disaster," she says.

"But because it’s Doncaster it’s not such a national disaster.”

Fishlake, South Yorkshire
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Louise Wilson

Holyrood Live

MSPs begin examining the deposit return scheme proposals amid concerns about its complexities.

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