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    Video caption: Missed PMQs? Watch Raab and Rayner's exchange in full

    Here's the deputy PM and Labour's deputy leader facing off across the despatch box.

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    Video caption: PMQs: Duffield and Raab on women's rights and abortion laws

    Rosie Duffield calls on the government to enshrine in law "a woman's right to choose".

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    Video caption: PMQs: Blackford and Raab on Scottish independence referendum bid

    Dominic Raab says it is "not the right time for another referendum" with the challenges faced by "one United Kingdom".

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    Video caption: Male MPs wear 'hot flush' vests to simulate menopause

    The event was organised in parliament by the Labour MP Carolyn Harris.

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    Video caption: Brexit protester: We're not giving up

    Protester Steve Bray reacts to police removing his amplifier after his noisy protest outside Parliament.

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    Video caption: Truss pressed on questioning Middle East on human rights

    The foreign secretary says she is "trying to remember" when asked to name which human rights issues she has raised with Gulf state leaders.