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Have the residents of Lampedusa got compassion fatigue?

Is the rise of the Italian right-wing League party, a protest against the migrant arrivals
Over the past few years on PM, we’ve taken a close look at the migration crisis through the eyes of the small Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa.

People there have spent years helping and offering aid to the thousands of migrants who were brought to safety on by search and rescue vessels. But there is a paradox here, the number of migrants arriving on Italian soil so far this year is down by 98 per cent, compared to 2016, yet feelings about migration are running higher than ever.

In the European elections, Matteo Salvini's right-wing nationalist League party took first place in Lampedusa.
In part one of a series, Emma Jane Kirby has returned to the island to try to find out why.

(Photo: Migrants being rescued in the Med   Credit: EPA)
Wings over Scotland: Pro-indy party 'would target unionist seats'
A pro-independence blogger considering creating a new political party says his aim would be to increase the number of pro-independence list MSPs at Holyrood.