Northern Ireland Results

Northern Ireland Assembly Results
Party Democratic Unionist Party Sinn Féin SDLP Ulster Unionist Party Alliance Party Other
Seats 28 27 12 10 8 5

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Latest headlines

  1. Overall turnout: 64.8%
  2. Counting complete in all 18 constituencies
  3. DUP remain largest party, but only one seat ahead of Sinn Féin
  4. Sinn Féin first preference vote share rises by almost 4 percentage points

Elected Members of the Legislative Assembly

5 out of 5 constituency seats

  • Sinn Féin
  • Sinn Féin
  • SDLP
  • SDLP
  • Democratic Unionist Party


Quota: 7,437
Summary results
Party Candidate Status Stage First Preference Votes Percentage of first preference votes
Party Sinn Féin Candidate Elisha McCallion Status Elected Stage 1 First Preference Votes 9,205 First Preference Votes Share 20.6%
Party SDLP Candidate Colum Eastwood Status Elected Stage 3 First Preference Votes 7,240 First Preference Votes Share 16.2%
Party Sinn Féin Candidate Raymond McCartney Status Elected Stage 2 First Preference Votes 7,145 First Preference Votes Share 16.0%
Party SDLP Candidate Mark H Durkan Status Elected Stage 5 First Preference Votes 6,948 First Preference Votes Share 15.6%
Party Democratic Unionist Party Candidate Gary Middleton Status Elected Stage 6 First Preference Votes 5,975 First Preference Votes Share 13.4%
Party People Before Profit Alliance Candidate Eamonn McCann Status Eliminated Stage 6 First Preference Votes 4,760 First Preference Votes Share 10.7%
Party Ulster Unionist Party Candidate Julia Kee Status Eliminated Stage 4 First Preference Votes 1,660 First Preference Votes Share 3.7%
Party Alliance Party Candidate Colm Cavanagh Status Eliminated Stage 4 First Preference Votes 1,124 First Preference Votes Share 2.5%
Party Green Party Candidate Shannon Downey Status Eliminated Stage 3 First Preference Votes 242 First Preference Votes Share 0.5%
Party Citizens Independent Social Thought Alliance Candidate John Lindsay Status Eliminated Stage 3 First Preference Votes 196 First Preference Votes Share 0.4%
Party Conservatives Candidate Stuart Canning Status Eliminated Stage 3 First Preference Votes 77 First Preference Votes Share 0.2%
Party Independent Candidate Arthur McGuinness Status Eliminated Stage 3 First Preference Votes 44 First Preference Votes Share 0.1%




First preference vote share

Party %
Sinn Féin 36.6
SDLP 31.8
Democratic Unionist Party 13.4
People Before Profit Alliance 10.7
Ulster Unionist Party 3.7

First preference vote share change since 2016

Sinn Féin
Democratic Unionist Party
People Before Profit Alliance

Latest updates

Durkan hits out at Alliance

The SDLP's Mark Durkan says parties who "shot down" the idea of a pro-EU axis should think again about that proposition. He says Alliance rejected the idea for "opportunistic" reasons.

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Mr Durkan lost his Foyle seat to the Sinn Fein's Elisha McCallion.

That's all folks, goodnight

NI Assembly election

Well it's been a long, but very exciting, day here on our election results live page. All 90 seats have now been filled.


There'll be another live page tomorrow with a round-up of reaction from 09:00. Meantime, we're off to get some well-deserved sleep. Goodnight. 💤😴

Exit, stage left


The veteran socialist Eamonn McCann is the latest casualty of the “election that no one wanted”, says BBC Radio Foyle's Gerry Bradley. The 73-year-old People Before Profit MLA lost his seat to the DUP’s Gary Middleton after a marathon count.

Eamonn McCann

Meanwhile, in an emotional victory speech, Elisha McCallion paid tribute to Martin McGuinness who left front-line politics due to a serious illness.

Eamonn McCann loses his seat


Eamonn McCann graphic

Six seats left, and it's not even midnight

NI Assembly election

Its shaping up to be the closest Assembly election in history. There's only six seats left to declare and we're hoping it won't be too long before it's over. (We're crossing everything, here)

Bird's eye view
Press Eye

It ain't over till it's over

It may look quiet from the outside, but there's still lots going on inside the Foyle Arena.

Foyle Arena

There are still four seats to be declared for East Londonderry, with Claire Sugden out on her own as the sole elected candidate. Meanwhile, we're still waiting to see who gets the final seat for the Foyle constituency.

Elected MLAs

6 out of 6 constituency seats

  • Democratic Unionist Party
  • Sinn Féin
  • SDLP
  • SDLP
  • Sinn Féin
  • People before Profit Alliance


Quota: 5,672