South West

Turnout 36.9%


  • CON Ashley Fox
  • CON Julie Girling
  • GRN Molly Scott Cato
  • LAB Clare Moody
  • UKIP William Dartmouth
  • UKIP Julia Reid

Parties shown in alphabetical order


Party Votes % MEPs change +/-
UK Independence Party Votes 484,184 Votes Percentage 32.29 (+10.23) MEPs 2 MEPs +/- 0
Conservative Votes 433,151 Votes Percentage 28.89 (-1.36) MEPs 2 MEPs +/- -1
Labour Votes 206,124 Votes Percentage 13.75 (+6.09) MEPs 1 MEPs +/- +1
Green Votes 166,447 Votes Percentage 11.10 (+1.80) MEPs 1 MEPs +/- +1
Liberal Democrat Votes 160,376 Votes Percentage 10.70 (-6.49) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- -1
An Independence From Europe Votes 23,169 Votes Percentage 1.55 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
English Democrats Votes 15,081 Votes Percentage 1.01 (-0.63) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
British National Party Votes 10,910 Votes Percentage 0.73 (-3.20) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0

Latest updates South West England (European Parliament constituency)

Yesterday 16.07.2019


South has lowest unemployment figures across UK

The South East and West of England had the lowest numbers of unemployment across the UK between March and May 2019.

It was lowest in the South West at 2.6%, which saw no change on the previous quarter, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The South East was the second lowest at 2.8%. The highest in the UK was the North East at 5.6%.

Nationally, the rate is 3.8% - its lowest since late 1974.

Figures also showed wage growth in the UK was 3.6% in the year to May 2019, the highest growth rate since 2008.

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Widdecombe bemoans 'liberal tyranny'

The Brexit Party MEP says theatres that have axed her stage show are "denying free speech".



MEP sparks fury with gay science comments

Ann Widdecombe is criticised after suggesting science may "produce an answer" to being gay.



New MEP Widdecombe warns of 'carnage'

Former MP Ann Widdecombe wins one of three seats for the Brexit Party.

Widdecombe: I heard the howl of duty

Ann Widdecombe, who was elected for the Brexit party in the South West, said she heard the "howl of duty" to return to front-line politics after nine years out.

The former Conservative MP said the success of the Brexit Party, which won 26 seats six weeks after being formed, was down to them giving voters a "clear choice".

She said the Conservatives and Labour had "confused" people but the Brexit Party only had one item in the agenda - leaving the EU.

Image copyright Reuters

Ms Widdecombe said: "We've got one question so we can get one answer and boy haven't we got it.

"We never wanted these elections, they are a demonstration of the total farce that has taken over at Westminster.

"Given we have had them we will play our role in the EU parliament and we will set about delivering Brexit."

Dr Chris Fear said the Brexit Party should be seen as a "single-issue pressure group".


Ex-MEP 'devastated' by loss

Clare Moody, the former Labour MEP for the South West, said she is "devastated" after losing her seat.

The Brexit Party took three of the region's six seats with the Liberal Democrats getting two and the Greens one.

Ms Moody, who had been elected in 2014, said: "Clearly it's a devastating vote.

"The voters have told us clearly they want clarity around Labour's position on Brexit.

"I hope sincerely that our position moves on and becomes much more clear because the country needs a strong Labour party that will stand up and give clarity and honesty to the voters."

Image copyright Labour



Result: Brexit Party take three in South West

The Brexit Party have taken three of the six seats available in the South West.

Ann Widdecombe took the top spot, while the Liberal Democrats got two seats and the Greens one.


South West result expected in 10 minutes

Tristan Pascoe
BBC Radio Solent political reporter

The result here in Poole is expected soon.

We have had 28 of the 31 areas counted so far and in all but two of those The Brexit Party has won quite handsomely.

The Greens won in Bristol and the Liberal Democrats in Gibraltar, but overall it's a very strong showing for The Brexit Party.

Predictions are looking like three seats for The Brexit Party, two Liberal Democrats and one Green.



'This is not a joke vote'

As Brexit dominates the work of MPs and MEPs, how seriously should voters take the European elections?



Window art trail spreads friendship

Window Wanderland is a community arts trail where window displays are created in front rooms and lit up at night.
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