East of England

Turnout 35.3%


  • CON David Campbell Bannerman
  • CON Vicky Ford
  • CON Geoffrey Van Orden
  • LAB Richard Howitt
  • UKIP Stuart Agnew
  • UKIP Tim Aker
  • UKIP Patrick O’Flynn

Parties shown in alphabetical order


Party Votes % MEPs change +/-
UK Independence Party Votes 542,812 Votes Percentage 34.48 (+14.90) MEPs 3 MEPs +/- +1
Conservative Votes 446,569 Votes Percentage 28.37 (-2.84) MEPs 3 MEPs +/- 0
Labour Votes 271,601 Votes Percentage 17.25 (+6.78) MEPs 1 MEPs +/- 0
Green Votes 133,331 Votes Percentage 8.47 (-0.33) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
Liberal Democrat Votes 108,010 Votes Percentage 6.86 (-6.94) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- -1
An Independence From Europe Votes 26,564 Votes Percentage 1.69 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
English Democrats Votes 16,497 Votes Percentage 1.05 (-0.96) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
British National Party Votes 12,465 Votes Percentage 0.79 (-5.26) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
Christian Peoples Alliance Votes 11,627 Votes Percentage 0.74 (-0.80) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
NO2EU Votes 4,870 Votes Percentage 0.31 (-0.56) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0

Latest updates East of England (European Parliament constituency)



Oxford rail link plans open for public consultation

Dave Gilyeat
BBC South

A plan to improve rail links between Oxford and the east of England has opened for public consultation.

It is part of Network Rail's East West Rail project which aims to "make cross-country travel easier".

Phase 2 of the western section of the project will introduce direct rail passenger services between Bedford and Oxford, Milton Keynes and Oxford, as well as Milton Keynes and London Marylebone via Aylesbury.

It will mean passengers and freight services can make the journey between Bedford and Oxford without having to travel in and out of London.

The work is being funded by the Department for Transport with a contribution from the East West Rail Consortium.

Project director Dominic Baldwin said: “We want as many people as possible to engage with our plans which will make travel across Britain easier."

One of the ways to comment is to head to a dedicated website.



Senior Labour MEP to stand down

A senior Labour MEP announces plans to stand down from the European Parliament later this year.



Candidate quits over UKIP MEP remark

A UKIP election candidate quits the party over comments made by the party's only Scottish MEP about a Scottish government minister.



UKIP tops European poll in the East

The UK Independence Party tops the poll in the European elections for the East of England.



Farage the 'mirage'


Labour MEP Richard Howitt has been re-elected in the East region. But he says his party "must acknowledge the concerns" UKIP has tapped into. "We do not reject those concerns," he adds. "But we do reject the prescription offered by UKIP. We say that Farage is a mirage."


Messages from Eastern Region

John Curtice
Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

UKIP has come top in this region where it did well in the local elections. Its vote has advanced by as much as 15 percentage points. In contrast Labour's vote is down just seven points. But we should note that the Tories are down by only three points and that, on the results we've had so far, we could not be sure that Labour will surpass the Tories - let alone beat UKIP.


Eastern woe for Lib Dems

Esther Webber
Political reporter, BBC News

The Eastern region announcement brings a second Lib Dem defeat, with Andrew Duff losing his seat. He's been an MEP there since 1999.


UKIP winner speaks


Successful Eastern region candidate Paul O'Flynn says the party's tally of three MEPs shows there has been an "earthquake" in politics.


Eastern results


The Eastern results are here. UKIP has three MEPs, the Conservatives three, Labour one.



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