Yorkshire and the Humber

Turnout 33.2%


  • CON Timothy Kirkhope
  • LAB Richard Corbett
  • LAB Linda McAvan
  • UKIP Amjad Bashir
  • UKIP Jane Collins
  • UKIP Mike Hookem

Parties shown in alphabetical order


Party Votes % MEPs change +/-
UK Independence Party Votes 403,630 Votes Percentage 31.13 (+13.70) MEPs 3 MEPs +/- +2
Labour Votes 380,189 Votes Percentage 29.32 (+10.56) MEPs 2 MEPs +/- +1
Conservative Votes 248,945 Votes Percentage 19.20 (-5.25) MEPs 1 MEPs +/- -1
Green Votes 102,282 Votes Percentage 7.89 (-0.63) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
Liberal Democrat Votes 81,108 Votes Percentage 6.25 (-6.92) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- -1
An Independence From Europe Votes 24,297 Votes Percentage 1.87 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
British National Party Votes 20,138 Votes Percentage 1.55 (-8.24) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- -1
Yorkshire First Votes 19,017 Votes Percentage 1.47 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
English Democrats Votes 13,288 Votes Percentage 1.02 (-1.53) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
NO2EU Votes 3,807 Votes Percentage 0.29 (-0.98) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0

Latest updates Yorkshire and the Humber (European Parliament constituency)



'Everything is just stretched to its limit'

People in Scarborough are concerned about hospitals and schools ahead of this year's Budget.



MMR reminder to parents following outbreaks

People across Yorkshire and the Humber are being encouraged to check they and their children have had two doses of MMR vaccine.

Since the end of 2017 more than 50 cases of measles have been reported in the region, with the majority of these linked to a previous outbreak in Leeds and an ongoing outbreak in Bradford.

Public Health England is working with local authorities and the NHS to make sure anyone in the region who needs a vaccination to protect against the virus is aware.



Mike Hookem ready to be UKIP's interim deputy leader

Yorkshire and the Humber UKIP MEP Mike Hookem says he would be happy to take on the role of interim deputy party leader.

Image copyright PA

On Saturday, Henry Bolton was sacked after members expressed their lack of faith in his ability to lead the party.

Mr Hookem says he would be happy to serve his party under the current interim leader MEP Gerard Batten and says he's a good friend of his and he'd be happy to work alongside him in any position.



London 'to get double transport funding'

A think tank says the north is "underfunded" but the government claims its figures are "misleading".



One hundred days to go until Yorkshire goes Tour-tastic

The countdown continues to the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire, which will run from 3 May to 6 May and will take in a host of places across Yorkshire.

Image copyright Tour de Yorkshire

With just 100 days to go, people across the route are gearing up for the race...



Mike Hookem resigns as UKIP's assistant deputy leader

The UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, Mike Hookem, has resigned as Assistant Deputy Leader of the party.

Image copyright PA

Mr Hookem is calling on UKIP leader Henry Bolton to quit over offensive texts sent by his ex-girlfriend.

Yesterday UKIP's ruling national executive committee (NEC) unanimously backed a vote of no confidence in party leader.

Mr Hookem said "the story has become about the leader's personal life" and a distraction from what the party is fighting for.

The MEP has put his name forward to become a potential interim leader of UKIP.



Hookem: Farage comments are 'madness'

The UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, Mike Hookem says comments Nigel Farage made about a second EU referendum are attention-seeking.

Mr Farage says he's close to backing another vote to end the "whinging and whining" of remain campaigners.

Mr Hookem says Mr Farage's comments are 'madness.'

Mr Farage told Channel 5's The Wright Stuff a fresh vote could "kill off" the Remain campaign for a generation.



International students generate millions for Yorkshire

Adam Pinder-Smith
BBC Yorkshire Live

A new study showing the economic contribution of international students to parts of the UK has been released.

Figures from The Higher Education Policy Institute show that pupils who began their studies in Yorkshire and the Humber during 2015/16 generated £1.59bn for the region's economy.

Image copyright The Higher Education Policy Institute

The parliamentary constituency of Sheffield Central tops the country-wide list for net gain with the 2,456 international students who lived in the constituency and started their studies in 2015/16 generating £226m per year during the duration of their course.

The Leeds Central constituency was 11th in the table, generating £153.9m from international students during the same period.

Once again the benefits of international students living and studying in Sheffield are clear. Thousands of jobs across the city are created by money spent on tuition fees, as well as shops, restaurants, housing and more"
Paul Blomfield (Labour), Labour MP for Sheffield Central



UKIP elects new leader

Tim Iredale
Political editor, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Yorkshire and Humber MEP Jane Collins (pictured) has come fifth in the UKIP leadership elections contest.

Henry Bolton is the new leader of the party.

The former candidate for Kent Police and Crime Commissioner was not the front runner and is the fourth leader in just over a year.

Image copyright Getty Images

The former soldier, who saw off a challenge from anti-Islam campaigner Anne Marie Waters, won with 30% of the vote.

He told the party conference: "Brexit is our core task."


Will Yorkshire MEP be the new UKIP leader?

We'll find out later today if Jane Collins, the Yorkshire and Humber MEP, will become the new leader of UKIP.

She's in the running but isn't one of the favourites

Paul Nuttall stepped down as leader after he failed to win a seat at the general election.

Image copyright PA

The new leader will be announced at UKIP's conference this afternoon.

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