LAB Hold
Party Seats Change +/-
Labour Seats 35 Seats +/- +1
Conservative Seats 10 Seats +/- -1
Independent Seats 3 Seats +/- 0

Council background

District Council
Seats up
16 seats up for election - Third
Boundary change

Latest updates Bassetlaw District Council



Councils face axe as shake up plan backed

Councillors voted to scrap district and borough councils by 35 to 30 after a six-hour meeting.



Summit to discuss bid to scrap councils

Kit Sandeman
Local Democracy Reporter

Leaders of all seven district and borough councils in Nottinghamshire are to meet to discuss plans which could see their authorities scrapped.

Councillor Kay Cutts, Conservative leader of the county council, has said she wants to "get on with" a plan to abolish all seven councils.

It is understood that she has not been invited to the meeting at Bassetlaw District Council on 9 July but has been made aware of it.

Image copyright Nottinghamshire County Council

Councillor Simon Greaves, leader of Bassetlaw District Council, said: "What we've got now is the leader of the county council trying to create a mega-council for Notts in order to bail out the county's finances.

"This would undermine local democracy, with decisions on growth, planning and housing taken remotely from the communities that we serve."

Councillor Cutts declined to comment on the meeting, but previously said she thinks there could be a host of benefits from abolishing some of the councils, including cost savings and efficiencies of scale.



Bassetlaw Council website down

Khia Lewis-Todd
BBC Local Live

If you need to use any online services then its best to avoid at the moment...



Devolution deal wins backing of councils

A devolution deal which would pave the way for a directly elected mayor in the Sheffield City Region wins the support of all nine councils affected.



Devolved mayoral veto 'unacceptable'

Plans to give South Yorkshire's elected mayor the power to veto unanimously-supported decisions are "unacceptable", a council leader says.



Shock over funeral delay charge

A grieving widower says he is dismayed after being charged £160 for delays at his wife's funeral.



Labour hold

Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire is a hold for Labour. The new council is Labour with 33 seats, Conservatives on 12, Independents 3



No council control after resignation

A councillor who was the youngest mayor in England resigns from the Labour party, leaving Nottinghamshire County Council in no overall control.



Labour in UKIP warning


Bassetlaw Labour MP John Mann has warned the Labour leadership to take the UKIP "threat" more seriously.

Image copyright Richard Maude

"Ignoring UKIP has been disastrous. We should have been taking the battle to UKIP," he told the BBC's David Dimbleby.

"It is the fault of the people at the top of the Labour party," he said, adding that leader Ed Miliband is one of the culprits.


Labour keep firm grip on Bassetlaw

Labour gains one seat and maintains a big majority at Bassetlaw District Council in the local elections.
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