UK results: Conservatives win majority

After 650 of 650 seats declared
UK results
Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 365 203 48 11 8 15
Change +47 -59 +13 -1 -2 +2

Edinburgh South West

Parliamentary constituency



  1. Scottish National Party
    Joanna Cherry
    • Votes: 24,830
    • Vote share %: 47.6
    • Vote share change: +12.0
  2. Conservative
    Callum Laidlaw
    • Votes: 12,848
    • Vote share %: 24.6
    • Vote share change: -8.7
  3. Labour
    Sophie Cooke
    • Votes: 7,478
    • Vote share %: 14.3
    • Vote share change: -12.4
  4. Liberal Democrat
    Tom Inglis
    • Votes: 4,971
    • Vote share %: 9.5
    • Vote share change: +5.2
  5. Green
    Ben Parker
    • Votes: 1,265
    • Vote share %: 2.4
    • Vote share change: +2.4
  6. The Brexit Party
    David Ballantine
    • Votes: 625
    • Vote share %: 1.2
    • Vote share change: +1.2
  7. Social Democratic Party
    Mev Brown
    • Votes: 114
    • Vote share %: 0.2
    • Vote share change: +0.2

Change compared with 2017


  • SNP majority: 11,982
  • Registered voters: 73,501
  • % share:
  • Change since 2017: +1.5

Vote share

Party % share
Scottish National Party 47.6%
Conservative 24.6%
Labour 14.3%
Liberal Democrat 9.5%
Green 2.4%
The Brexit Party 1.2%

Vote share change since 2017

  • Scottish National Party +12.0 Gained
  • Liberal Democrat +5.2 Gained
  • Green +2.4 Gained
  • The Brexit Party +1.2 Gained
  • Conservative -8.7 Lost
  • Labour -12.4 Lost

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Latest updates

Cheers from SNP after holding three Edinburgh seats

Deidre Brock and Tommy Sheppard, two of Edinburgh's three SNP MPs, celebrate with party activists after holding their three seats in the capital.

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Cherry on top in Edinburgh South West

Joanna Cherry is returned as MP for Edinburgh South West, with an increase in her majority of over 10,000 votes.

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Edinburgh South West: Scottish National Party hold

Joanna Cherry has been re-elected as the MP for Edinburgh South West, with a significantly increased majority.

The Scottish National Party candidate beat Conservative Callum Laidlaw by 11,982 votes, more than double the majority at the 2017 election.

Sophie Cooke of the Labour Party came third and Liberal Democrat Tom Inglis came fourth.

Voter turnout was up by 1.5 percentage points since the last general election.

More than 52,000 people, 70.9% of those eligible to vote, went to polling stations across the area on Thursday, in the first December general election since 1923.

Three of the seven candidates, Ben Parker (Green), David Ballantine (The Brexit Party) and Mev Brown (Social Democratic Party), lost their £500 deposits after failing to win 5% of the vote.

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10-minute warning for Edinburgh South West

Joanna Cherry will look to hold her Edinburgh South West seat, where she had a majority of 1097 in 2017.

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Turnout rises in Edinburgh West and Edinburgh South West

Turnout in Edinburgh West (74.75%) is up from 73.8% in 2017, and Edinburgh South West (70.37%) is up from 69.4%.

Festive cheer in the capital

Will this counter give voters the presents they want tonight?

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SNP's Joanna Cherry arrives at Edinburgh count

The SNP's Joanna Cherry arrives at Ingliston hoping to retain Edinburgh South West. In 2017 she had a majority of 1097.

The Tories at the count think the constituency could be in play tonight. Cherry is “cautiously optimistic” of holding her seat. “It’s hard to predict, but the reception has been phenomenal”.

The SNP's Joanna Cherry arrives at the Edinburgh count
The SNP's Joanna Cherry arrives at the Edinburgh count

The calm before the count

The Edinburgh count before ballots and counters arrive
The Edinburgh count before ballots and counters arrive

Cameras at the ready in Edinburgh

A busy night for the photographers, rehearsing their shots earlier for the first postal ballot boxes to be emptied in Edinburgh.

Photographers around a table