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Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
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After 650 of 650 seats

Walsall South

Parliamentary constituency


General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



Valerie Vaz Votes 25,286 header_vote_share 57.4 Net percentage change in seats +10.2



James Bird Votes 16,394 header_vote_share 37.2 Net percentage change in seats +4.4



Derek Bennett Votes 1,805 header_vote_share 4.1 Net percentage change in seats -11.5


Liberal Democrat

Anna Wellings Purvis Votes 587 header_vote_share 1.3 Net percentage change in seats -0.3

Turnout and LAB majority

LAB majority




Vote share

Party %
Labour 57.4
Conservative 37.2
UKIP 4.1
Liberal Democrat 1.3

Vote share change since 2015

Liberal Democrat

Latest updates

MP's office evacuated after white powder sent in post

Rob Mayor

Political reporter, BBC WM

An MP's constituency office has been evacuated after a staff member opened an envelope with a suspicious white powdery substance inside.

The worker was quarantined in an ambulance this morning and given a hazard protection suit, said Mike Wood, member for Dudley South.

He says it is yet to be established whether the substance is hazardous, although people have been permitted to return to the office. He added the Fire service and police - who have been contacted by the BBC for comment - were investigating, and parliamentary authorities notified.

Mike Wood, MP for Dudley South

It could have been a lot worse. We don’t know what the white powder was, whether talcum powder, or something more sinister."

Mike WoodMP for Dudley South

Mr Wood was not in the office when the substance was discovered.

A letter accompanying the powder, he said, contained an "anti-Islamic rant".

Two Birmingham and Black Country MPs employ their partners

Two Birmingham and Black Country MPs continue to employ a member of their family despite the practice being banned for new members of Parliament.

No new MPs who secured their seats in June are allowed to employ relatives

Valerie Vaz, MP for Walsall South, employs her husband, Paul Townsend, as a senior parliamentary assistant.

Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, employs her husband, Tom Phillips, as a constituency support manager.

James Morris, MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis, also employed his wife, Anna Mellitt, as a communications officer until October 2016.

Voters must be able to have confidence that our democracy is resourced in an open and transparent way, so it's welcome that Parliamentary authorities have taken steps to reform the system."

Darren HughesActing chief executive of the Electoral Reform Society

Of the 589 returning MPs, 122 have declared the employment of a relative in the latest Register of Members' Financial Interests. None of the 61 new MPs who secured their seats at the general election on 8 June are allowed to do so.

Campaigners say there needs to be a clear end date for all MPs.

Walsall South: Labour hold

Result graphic

BreakingWalsall South: Labour hold

Valerie Vaz has held her seat for Labour.

General election 2017: How do I register to vote?

Don't get left outside on polling day. Here are details of what you need and where you need to go to register for the general election on 8 June:

The deadline to register is 22 May


, with candidate Valerie Vaz
, have the following results:
  • 19,740 total votes taken.
  • 47.2% share of the total vote
  • +7.5% change in share of the votes
, with candidate Sue Arnold
, have the following results:
  • 13,733 total votes taken.
  • 32.8% share of the total vote
  • -2.5% change in share of the votes
, with candidate Derek Bennett
, have the following results:
  • 6,540 total votes taken.
  • 15.6% share of the total vote
  • +7.2% change in share of the votes
Green Party
, with candidate Charlotte Fletcher
, have the following results:
  • 1,149 total votes taken.
  • 2.7% share of the total vote
  • +2.7% change in share of the votes
Liberal Democrat
, with candidate Joel Kenrick
, have the following results:
  • 676 total votes taken.
  • 1.6% share of the total vote
  • -12.8% change in share of the votes

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