UK results: Conservatives win majority

After 650 of 650 seats declared
UK results
Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 365 203 48 11 8 15
Change +47 -59 +13 -1 -2 +2

Wrekin, The

Parliamentary constituency



  1. Conservative
    Mark Pritchard
    • Votes: 31,029
    • Vote share %: 63.5
    • Vote share change: +8.0
  2. Labour
    Dylan Harrison
    • Votes: 12,303
    • Vote share %: 25.2
    • Vote share change: -11.0
  3. Liberal Democrat
    Thomas Janke
    • Votes: 4,067
    • Vote share %: 8.3
    • Vote share change: +5.6
  4. Green
    Tim Dawes
    • Votes: 1,491
    • Vote share %: 3.0
    • Vote share change: +1.4

Change compared with 2017


  • CON majority: 18,726
  • Registered voters: 70,693
  • % share:
  • Change since 2017: -3.0

Vote share

Party % share
Conservative 63.5%
Labour 25.2%
Liberal Democrat 8.3%
Green 3.0%

Vote share change since 2017

  • Conservative +8.0 Gained
  • Liberal Democrat +5.6 Gained
  • Green +1.4 Gained
  • Labour -11.0 Lost

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The Wrekin: Conservative hold

Mark Pritchard has been re-elected as the MP for The Wrekin with an increased majority.

The Conservative candidate beat Labour's Dylan Harrison by 18,726 votes, 9,162 more votes than the majority at the 2017 election.

Thomas Janke of the Liberal Democrats came third and the Green Party's Tim Dawes came fourth.

Voter turnout was down by 3 percentage points since the last general election.

Nearly 49,000 people, 69.2% of those eligible to vote, went to polling stations across the area on Thursday, in the first December general election since 1923.

One of the four candidates, Tim Dawes (Green) lost his £500 deposit after failing to win 5% of the vote.

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BreakingResult: Conservative hold in The Wrekin

Mark Pritchard has been able to almost double his majority as he is re-elected as the Conservative MP for The Wrekin.

Mr Pritchard secured a majority of 18,726 in the constituency, which he has represented since 2005.

How vote breaks down across Shropshire

Wondered how the vote breaks down across Shropshire as a whole?

NB: UKIP only fielded candidates in two out of the five seats.


Wrekin MP planning 'a slightly more expensive honeymoon'

The Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard got married mid-way through the general election, on 13 May and had to give up his honeymoon to campaign for the seat.

He said it had been a "baptism of fire" for his wife and joked that he'd given up the Dordogne for supporting a fellow-candidate in Dudley and Newport, Rhode Island for Newport Shropshire.

Mark Pritchard

Now that the election is over he said he expected it would be a "slightly more expensive honeymoon".

Wrekin MP hits out at 'extreme left'

After winning for a fourth time in The Wrekin constituency, Mark Pritchard hit out at what he called the "extreme left" in the Telford area.

He said Labour needed to moderate itself and accused some activists of "personal" attacks.

Mark Pritchard

Mr Pritchard saw his majority cut, but received nearly 5,000 more votes than in 2015.

I think the Labour party have some good people in locally, moderate people. But they appear to have been hijacked by the hard left, the extreme left."

Mark PritchardMP for The Wrekin

Watch: Wrekin MP thanks wife after victory

Carlie Swain

BBC Local Live

After retaining The Wrekin constituency for the Conservatives, Mark Pritchard had a lot of people to thank - including his new wife.

They had to put off their honeymoon to USA to campaign during the election.

The victorious Wrekin candidate put off his honeymoon to campaign in the election

New bride has election 'baptism of fire'

General Election 2017: MP thanks bride after 'Newport' honeymoon
Mark Pritchard who held onto The Wrekin for the Conservatives got married during the campaign.
His wife did not get the honeymoon she expected.