UK results: Conservatives win majority

After 650 of 650 seats declared
UK results
Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 365 203 48 11 8 15
Change +47 -59 +13 -1 -2 +2

Stoke-on-Trent South

Parliamentary constituency



  1. Conservative
    Jack Brereton
    • Votes: 24,632
    • Vote share %: 62.2
    • Vote share change: +13.1
  2. Labour
    Mark McDonald
    • Votes: 13,361
    • Vote share %: 33.7
    • Vote share change: -13.7
  3. Liberal Democrat
    Rosalyn Gordon
    • Votes: 1,611
    • Vote share %: 4.1
    • Vote share change: +2.1

Change compared with 2017


  • CON majority: 11,271
  • Registered voters: 64,499
  • % share:
  • Change since 2017: -1.7

Vote share

Party % share
Conservative 62.2%
Labour 33.7%
Liberal Democrat 4.1%

Vote share change since 2017

  • Conservative +13.1 Gained
  • Liberal Democrat +2.1 Gained
  • Labour -13.7 Lost

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Latest updates

'Move civil service jobs to cheaper Stoke-on-Trent'

The government's been urged by a Stoke-on-Trent MP to move civil service jobs to his city.

Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke South's Jack Brereton told the House of Commons this lunchtime it would be the "perfect place" with office costs being cheaper than London and being only 90 minutes away on the train.

The Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly replied by saying they wanted to make the civil service "less London-centric".

He added a programme had been started to relocate roles out of the capital to "all parts of the UK".

Politics Midlands: How Stoke-on-Trent lost Labour vote
BBC programme Politics Midlands launches with a look at Stoke-on-Trent's switch to Tory MPs.
General election 2019: Labour loses across West Midlands
Labour loses nine seats in the region including all in Stoke-on-Trent and two in Wolverhampton.

How Stoke-on-Trent voted

Earlier, teacher and new Stoke-on-Trent North MP Jonathan Gullis paid tribute to fellow Tory Jack Brereton for paving the way for the party in the city.

"I think they [local voters] have seen what has happened in Stoke-on-Trent South with Jack Brereton and I think they wanted that change, they wanted to see a different kind of politics," Mr Gullis said.


Stoke MP criticises record of Labour predecessors

The re-elected Conservative MP for Stoke-on-Trent South, Jack Brereton, has said the city has "been very badly let down by very poor representation over decades from Labour MPs".

He said that was one of the reasons for his party's victories in Stoke-on-Trent and added: "People absolutely detest Corbyn, they don't want what he stands for."

Jack Brereton
Getty Images

Mr Brereton increased his majority to 11,271 in the constituency which he took from Labour in 2017 and said people there, "want to see a change, they want to see improvements to our area."

Stoke-on-Trent South: Conservative hold

Jack Brereton has been re-elected as the MP for Stoke-on-Trent South, with a significantly increased majority.

The Conservative candidate beat Labour's Mark McDonald by 11,271 votes, over ten times the majority at the 2017 election.

Rosalyn Gordon of the Liberal Democrats came third.

Voter turnout was down by 1.7 percentage points since the last general election.

Nearly 40,000 people, 61.4% of those eligible to vote, went to polling stations across the area on Thursday, in the first December general election since 1923.

One of the three candidates, Rosalyn Gordon (Liberal Democrat) lost her £500 deposit after failing to win 5% of the vote.

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BreakingResult: Conservatives hold Stoke-on-Trent South

Jack Brereton has been re-elected as the Conservative MP for Stoke-on-Trent South with a majority of 11,271 votes.

It is a huge increase on his previous majority in 2017 of 663.

Mr Brereton was the first Conservative MP to hold the seat after his election in 2017 - prior to that it had been held by Labour since 1950.