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Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
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After 650 of 650 seats

Southend West

Parliamentary constituency


General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



David Amess Votes 26,046 header_vote_share 55.2 Net percentage change in seats +5.4



Julian Ware-Lane Votes 16,046 header_vote_share 34.0 Net percentage change in seats +15.7


Liberal Democrat

Lucy Salek Votes 2,110 header_vote_share 4.5 Net percentage change in seats -4.8



John Stansfield Votes 1,666 header_vote_share 3.5 Net percentage change in seats -14.0


Green Party

Dominic Ellis Votes 831 header_vote_share 1.8 Net percentage change in seats -2.9


Southend Independent Association

Tino Callaghan Votes 305 header_vote_share 0.6 Net percentage change in seats +0.6



Jason Pilley Votes 187 header_vote_share 0.4 Net percentage change in seats +0.4

Turnout and CON majority

CON majority




Vote share

Party %
Conservative 55.2
Labour 34.0
Liberal Democrat 4.5
UKIP 3.5
Green Party 1.8
Southend Independent Association 0.6

Vote share change since 2015

Southend Independent Association
Green Party
Liberal Democrat

Latest updates

MP pleased Essex hospitals' plan dropped

The Conservative MP for Southend West, Sir David Amess, is pleased major NHS restructuring plans have been dropped.

Yesterday we reported that health bosses in Essex have decided not to go ahead with plans which campaigners argued would have downgraded two accident and emergency departments.

They were thinking about turning Basildon into the main A&E centre, while Broomfield and Southend hospitals would have dealt only with specialist emergencies, such as burns at Broomfield.

Under a revised plan, all three hospitals will keep their A&E departments - with patients being taken to their nearest - and they would each offer a wide range of specialist treatments.

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MP vows to prevent 'diminishment' of hospital services in Southend

Patrick Byrne

BBC News

The Conservative MP for Southend West says he will fight for the future of the town's hospital accident and emergency department.

NHS bosses want to turn Basildon into an emergency "super-hub", but are rejecting claims that it will mean downgrades at Southend and Broomfield in Chelmsford.

David Amess

David Amess MP put forward an adjournment debate in the House of Commons yesterday, so the issue could eventually be discussed in Parliament.

"This hospital is in the heart of the constituency I represent and just like several years ago similar moves were made at Basildon Hospital I stopped those," he told the House of Commons.

"I am not going to stand by to allow any changes that diminish the capability of Southend Hospital to provide the very best possible health care to the residents of the borough."

The Department of Health said an assurance had been given that Southend's accident and emergency department would continue to provide "substantial services" 24-hours-a-day, but it was proposed to transfer specialist cases to Basildon.

Health minister Steve Brine said he understood the MP's concerns, but there would still be a significant role for Southend A&E.

Sprinklers must be fitted

The Conservative MP for Southend West, Sir David Amess, says the fire at a London tower block is a "huge disaster" for the country.

Grenfell Tower fire

The MP, who's chair of the All Party Parliamentary Fire Safety Rescue Group, says: "Over and again we spoke about the need for sprinklers and following the Lakanal disaster in 2009, the coroner said in 2013, he said that the 4,000 tower blocks should have a proper audit done and sprinklers if need be, should be fitted retrospectively.

"Sprinklers stop lives being lost as a result of fire. You can't put any amount of money on a person's life."

'A vote in this election is a vote for real change'

Here in Essex, the Conservatives won every seat. But nationally, it's been a very good night for Labour, who have gained a number of important seats around the UK.

It's thought more young people turned out to vote this year - and one of them was 20-year-old Josh Duckmanton from Southend.

Jeremy Corbyn

"A vote in this election is a vote for real change, and a vote for hope. It's a vote for a difference for once, certainly for the first time for people of my generation," he said.

"I've missed some local elections through maybe apathy, maybe through lack of interest, but this one's certainly reignited an interest.

"And I would certainly vote again in future - many young people feel that."

Southend West: Conservative hold

Result graphic

Sir David Amess holds Southend West for Conservatives

With 24,046 votes, the Conservatives have held on to Southend West. Labour came second and the Lib Dems third, with UKIP's vote falling by 13.8%.

General election 2017 nomination papers in

With all the general election 2017 candidates' nominations papers in, we've collected together links to where you can find full information from the returning officers in the 18 Essex constituencies:

The election takes place on Thursday, 8 June.

Blogger receives hate mail after bid to be MP

Leigh-on-Sea food blogger Jack Monroe tells BBC Essex she's had hate mail before but "nothing as vicious or vitriolic" before she decided to stand as an MP:

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, with candidate David Amess
, have the following results:
  • 22,175 total votes taken.
  • 49.8% share of the total vote
  • +3.8% change in share of the votes
, with candidate Julian Ware-Lane
, have the following results:
  • 8,154 total votes taken.
  • 18.3% share of the total vote
  • +4.9% change in share of the votes
, with candidate Brian Otridge
, have the following results:
  • 7,803 total votes taken.
  • 17.5% share of the total vote
  • +13.6% change in share of the votes
Liberal Democrat
, with candidate Paul Collins
, have the following results:
  • 4,129 total votes taken.
  • 9.3% share of the total vote
  • -20.1% change in share of the votes
Green Party
, with candidate Jon Fuller
, have the following results:
  • 2,083 total votes taken.
  • 4.7% share of the total vote
  • +3.2% change in share of the votes
English Democrats
, with candidate Jeremy Moss
, have the following results:
  • 165 total votes taken.
  • 0.4% share of the total vote
  • -0.9% change in share of the votes

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