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Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
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After 650 of 650 seats

Norwich North

Parliamentary constituency


General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



Chloe Smith Votes 21,900 header_vote_share 47.7 Net percentage change in seats +4.0



Chris Jones Votes 21,393 header_vote_share 46.6 Net percentage change in seats +13.1


Liberal Democrat

Hugh Lanham Votes 1,480 header_vote_share 3.2 Net percentage change in seats -1.1


Green Party

Adrian Holmes Votes 782 header_vote_share 1.7 Net percentage change in seats -2.7


Pirate Party

Liam Matthews Votes 340 header_vote_share 0.7 Net percentage change in seats +0.7

Turnout and CON majority

CON majority




Vote share

Party %
Conservative 47.7
Labour 46.6
Liberal Democrat 3.2
Green Party 1.7
Pirate Party 0.7

Vote share change since 2015

Pirate Party
Liberal Democrat
Green Party

Latest updates

'Pressure' could keep Colman's in Norwich, says MP

Nic Rigby

BBC News

Government and public pressure could still keep Colman's Mustard in Norwich, a local MP has told the BBC.

At the beginning of last month, Colman's Mustard's owner Unilever said it could shut its factory in Norwich after Britvic revealed plans to close its shared manufacturing operation.

Chloe Smith MP

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith met with Business Secretary Greg Clark last night, along with a Norfolk delegation from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

Ms Smith said Mr Clark told them he would be talking to Unilever to try to save the 113 threatened jobs.

She said: "I want them [Colman's] to stay in Norwich. We have the support of the business secretary, who is working with Unilever to look for feasible options to stay in Norwich."

Colman's Mustard

Ms Smith said it was possible that "research and development funding" could help support Colman's.

"The government has shown it is willing to invest where there are exciting industrial opportunities," she said. "Mr Clark will be talking to Unilever this week and press the benefits of staying in Norwich."

She praised the public support for Colman's, saying this also helped put "pressure" on Unilever.

MP holds surgery for concerned Britvic employees

The MP for Norwich North has held a surgery at the Britvic factory in Norwich, for employees concerned at the potential closure of the site.

Chloe Smith at the Britvic factory
Chloe Smith

Chloe Smith (Conservative) met with employees at the end of last week and listened to their concerns, whilst updating them on the work she is doing to support the closure-prevention campaign.

Last week, Chloe met the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in Westminster, to discuss the possible closures of Britvic and Unilever’s operations in Norwich.

Chloe emphasised that around 350 jobs could be at risk.

MPs call on business secretary to save Norwich jobs

The business secretary Greg Clark has promised to do all he can to help staff at Britvic and Colman's, and to ensure that food production continues in Norwich.

He met with both the city's MPs yesterday, who told him that losing the two firms would have a major impact on jobs and the economy of the city.

Sign for Colman's and Robinsons at entrance to factories site

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith said that around 350 jobs could be on the line, as well as the loss of the Colman's brand, which is historically linked to Norwich.

The Conservative MP asked Mr Clark to back the Local Enterprise Partnership in assisting the two companies to find local solutions.

Chloe Smith MP, in blue jacket, stands near Westminster

Labour MP Clive Lewis, who represents Norwich South, said he doesn't think the timescales the government are talking about are sufficient for him to be able to tell the workforce that this will help in the future of the site.

Clive Lewis MP, seated and wearing tweed jacket

I said to Greg Clarke that it's really important for you to come down, meet with the workforce and look them in the eye and see how important it is to them and to our city."

Clive Lewis MP(Lab) Norwich South

Tories in bid to censure Norwich MP

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

An attempt will be made by Conservative MPs in Parliament this afternoon to try to censure Clive Lewis, the Labour MP for Norwich South.

Nusrat Ghani, MP for Wealdon in Sussex, says she will ask the Speaker for an emergency debate to discuss a remark which he made to another man at a comedy fringe event at the Labour Party conference.

Mr Lewis has unreservedly apologised for using a word which is derogatory towards women.

But Ms Ghani has said on Twitter that Mr Lewis's comments "undermine parliament and women".

View more on twitter

Other Conservatives are supporting her: the Norwich North MP Chloe Smith has said that Mr Lewis has "let down the city we proudly represent", while the Berwick-upon-Tweed MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan has tweeted "unacceptable language & mysogigny [sic] from Labour MPs cannot be allowed to continue."

Conservatives are making a fuss about this because there have been allegations of misogyny and racism surrounding the far left for some time, although very little evidence.

But it would be highly unusual, possibly even unprecedented for the speaker to allow such a debate to go ahead.

Over the weekend Mr Lewis was condemned by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who called his comments "completely unacceptable". But he has said that Mr Lewis will not lose the Labour whip because he has apologised.

Colmans and Britivic to be raised at Westminster and Strasbourg

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

The future of drink and mustard production in Norwich will be raised at both Westminster and in the European Parliament this evening.

It follows the announcement that Britvic is to close its site in the city - the same site where Colman's (owned by Unilever) makes its mustard.

The two Norwich MPs - the Conservatives' Chloe Smith and Labour's live Lewis will meet with the business secretary Greg Clark to ask him to do what he can to secure jobs in the city, while a similar appeal will be made in Strasbourg by the Labour MEP for the East of England Alex Mayer.

In the last few weeks all three have been holding meetings with government ministers and trade unions to discuss the possible closure of the Carrow Road site.

I understand that Clive Lewis will attend tonight's meeting despite a weekend of controversy over comments he made at a recent Labour Party conference fringe event.

Given that Britivic and Unilever are still finalising their plans, there isn't much practical help which anyone can give at the moment.

The idea behind these meetings is to keep the issue at the top of ministers' minds so that when help is needed, it can be given quickly.

Changes proposed to Norfolk's constituencies

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

Plans to re-draw Norfolk's parliamentary constituencies have been published this morning.

Unlike some parts of the UK, we get off quite lightly. The proposals include reducing the number MPs from 650 to 600, but Norfolk will still have nine MPs, although the size and shape of every seat will change.

House of Commons

Most of the changes are minor but the Mid Norfolk constituency will lose Wymondham (which goes back to South Norfolk) while South West Norfolk will be renamed Thetford & Downham Market and cross the border to take in Littleport in Cambridgeshire.

Labour's Clive Lewis may have to work a little harder to hold on to his Norwich South seat which inherits Conservative-leaning Costessey and Cringleford.

His Conservative neighbour, Chloe Smith, who only has a majority of 507, might feel a little safer as Norwich North will extend into Broadland.

But these are only proposals from the Boundary Commission.

The public has one final say on the plans and then they'll need to be voted on by MPs.

Given how much else is going on at Westminster, and the fact that these plans do not have cross-party support, it is possible that they'll never get approved.

Ministerial appointment in PM's reshuffle

The Norwich North MP Chloe Smith has been made a minister in the Northern Ireland office.

Last week, Ms Smith was re-elected to the seat for a fourth spell, with 21,900 votes.

It was a closely fought battle - the Conservative MP took just 507 more votes than Labour's Chris Smith.

Chloe Smith MP

As we reported earlier this week, Elizabeth Truss, MP for South West Norfolk, has moved from Justice to become Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis was made Immigration Minister and given a seat at the cabinet table.

Labour candidate 'not surprised' if another election is called

The Labour candidate for Norwich North, who cut the majority of the Conservatives' Chloe Smith to just over 500, says he noticed a huge change in public mood over the six weeks of the general election campaign.

Dr Chris Jones says it was clear that people responded to the differences between the two parties' manifestos.

"Labour had a manifesto of hope and a positive vision of what our country could be in the future, and I think the Conservatives had a manifesto of fear and scaremongering, and people responded to that".

Chris Jones, standing on Mousehold Heath with cathedral in background

With the Prime Minister Theresa May preparing to meet backbench MPs today after losing her majority on Thursday, Dr Jones says he believes we're facing an interesting few months in politics.

I can't see there's any form of stable long-term government to be put together from the House of Commons at the moment. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we're back here in six months time."

Dr Chris JonesLabour candidate for Norwich North

Watch: Norwich young reveal more about who they voted for

Mariam Issimdar

BBC News

So the upset in the general election result was possibly partly down to the youth vote, according to some pundits.

Indeed towns and cities with universities and a large proportion of graduates showed a bigger swing to Labour.

Here's a few thoughts from a handful of young people out shopping in Norwich this afternoon:

Election results 2017: Reaction from voters at Norwich cafe

Mariam Issimdar

BBC News

So what do you make of the result then? Surprised? Excited? Confused?

Here's what these good people of Norwich thought over breakfast at Harty's Cafe.