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Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
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After 650 of 650 seats

Northampton North

Parliamentary constituency


General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



Michael Ellis Votes 19,065 header_vote_share 47.2 Net percentage change in seats +4.8



Sally Keeble Votes 18,258 header_vote_share 45.2 Net percentage change in seats +11.1



Jonathan Bullock Votes 1,404 header_vote_share 3.5 Net percentage change in seats -12.6


Liberal Democrat

George Smid Votes 1,015 header_vote_share 2.5 Net percentage change in seats -1.0


Green Party

Steve Miller Votes 636 header_vote_share 1.6 Net percentage change in seats -2.2

Turnout and CON majority

CON majority




Vote share

Party %
Conservative 47.2
Labour 45.2
UKIP 3.5
Liberal Democrat 2.5
Green Party 1.6

Vote share change since 2015

Liberal Democrat
Green Party

Latest updates

Leaked letter reveals Conservative council leader criticism of Tory MPs

Craig Lewis

BBC Northampton Politics Reporter

The leader of Northamptonshire County Council, Heather Smith, has criticised the county's MPs for failing to support it through a time of financial hardship.

The county council needs to find £37m of savings in next year's budget - with services such as libraries already in the firing line.

Northamptonshire County Council offices on George Row, Northampton

That prompted Michael Ellis, the MP for Northampton North MP and a fellow Conservative, to declare he has lost confidence in the authority.

The BBC has now seen a leaked letter from Councillor Smith addressing that criticism.

In it she accuses Northamptonshire's seven MPs, who are all Conservatives, of a lack of support for what she calls one of the most under-funded counties in the country.

She also says the blue-on-blue attack could play directly into the hands of political opponents, warning political infighting could make stories about the savings explode even further.

'EU leaders right to savage Theresa May'

Sally Keeble, the Labour candidate for Northampton North, has taken to Twitter to say that European politicians are "right" to have criticised Theresa May after the Conservative Party failed to increase its parliamentary majority in yesterday's general election...

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European Union Budget Commissioner Gunther Oettinger is among those who has questioned whether talks on the UK's departure from the EU can now start on 19 June as planned.

"No government - no negotiations," he told a German broadcaster.

Pictures and reaction from the county's election counts: Northampton North

Orla Moore

BBC Local Live

This was the scene in Northampton North overnight:


The people of Northampton North are the people to whom I owe the greatest thanks. It is a great honour to serve the people of my home town where I was born and brought up, and have lived and worked my whole life. And I pledge to continue to work for the whole of this community."

Michael Ellis MP, Northampton North

Northampton South: 'Concerns raised on doorstep' about former MP David Mackintosh

Orla Moore

BBC Local Live

Conservative Andrew Lewer held Northampton South after the seat was vacated by David Mackintosh, who revealed he wouldn't be seeking re-election.

It's after Mr Mackintosh was criticised over a loan to Northampton Town Football Club from the borough council - when he was leader - to rebuild Sixfields stadium and develop nearby land.

About £10.25m of that money is now missing and the loan is subject to a police investigation into "alleged financial irregularities".

Mr Mackintosh has denied any wrongdoing.

Here's a flavour of the night - the count was held under the same roof as Northampton North.


There were concerns raised on the doorstep [about David Mackintosh] but I was at pains to point out that there are a series of reports and investigations under way and it's not for me to prejudge those findings. However it's been a very perplexing and bewildering sort of election."

Andrew Lewer, MP Northampton South

What's happened in Northamptonshire overnight?

If you're just waking up, it's as you were in Northamptonshire, but it's been a difficult ride for our seven new Tory MPs - as it has been nationally for the Conservatives.

  • In Northampton North, the majority for Michael Ellis now stands at just 807 after the vote went down to the wire with former Labour MP Sally Keeble
  • Likewise in Northampton South - new Conservative candidate Andrew Lewer pipped Kevin McKeever by just 1,159 votes, in a night of Labour resurgence and UKIP decline
  • In Daventry, however, it was pretty much as you were for Chris Heaton-Harris, who largely maintained his 40% majority from 2015
  • Same for Northamptonshire South, where Andrea Leadsom maintained her large majority despite losing 3,576 votes
  • The Labour swing in Corby failed to materialise, with Tom Pursglove marginally increasing his majority
  • In Kettering, Philip Hollobone won comfortably but lost ground to Labour
  • Likewise in Wellingborough, where fellow Brexiteer Peter Bone won comfortably but had to fend off an increase in Labour vote share of 14.5%

Minority voice in Northampton


This graffiti has been daubed on a wall in the St Michael's car park in Northampton.

But the protest didn't quite work - both Tory MPs for the town managed to hold on to their seats, but both with smaller majorities.

Northampton North

Election Graphic

Blue, blue, electric blue: Northamptonshire shows its colours

Orla Moore

BBC Local Live

And there you have it. Seven constituencies. Seven Conservative MPs.

Each clung on to their seats, including the one vacated by David Mackintosh in Northampton South.

The county's MPs are:

  • Corby: Tom Pursglove
  • Daventry: Chris Heaton-Harris
  • Kettering: Philip Hollobone
  • Northampton North: Michael Ellis
  • Northampton South: Andrew Lewer
  • South Northamptonshire: Andrea Leadsom
  • Wellingborough: Peter Bone



, with candidate Michael Ellis
, have the following results:
  • 16,699 total votes taken.
  • 42.4% share of the total vote
  • +8.3% change in share of the votes
, with candidate S