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Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
UK Results

After 650 of 650 seats

Derbyshire Mid

Parliamentary constituency


General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



Pauline Latham Votes 29,513 header_vote_share 58.6 Net percentage change in seats +6.4



Alison Martin Votes 17,897 header_vote_share 35.5 Net percentage change in seats +10.1


Liberal Democrat

Adam Wain Votes 1,793 header_vote_share 3.6 Net percentage change in seats -1.2


Green Party

Sue Macfarlane Votes 1,168 header_vote_share 2.3 Net percentage change in seats -1.7

Turnout and CON majority

CON majority




Vote share

Party %
Conservative 58.6
Labour 35.5
Liberal Democrat 3.6
Green Party 2.3

Vote share change since 2015

Liberal Democrat
Green Party

Latest updates

Calls to remove Facebook page about ex-Tory MP

Calum McKenzie

BBC Local Live

An MP has called for a "misleading" Facebook page about former Derby North MP Amanda Solloway to be taken down.

Amanda Solloway
Conservative Party

Pauline Latham, the MP for Mid Derbyshire, said the page continued to "pursue" Ms Solloway (pictured above) over the collapse of Compass, as she is the wife of a former director.

Ms Latham told Parliament: "The page continues to pursue Amanda Solloway, but never mentions any other directors or their wives."

Facebook home screen
Carl Court/Getty Images

In response, Commons Speaker John Bercow said it was beyond his power to have a Facebook page removed but encouraged Ms Latham to raise the concerns with the social media company.

Big Ben's bongs debate 'about British reliability'

Dave Wade

BBC Local Live

Conservative Pauline Latham asked for a debate on the silencing of Big Ben's bell in the House of Commons earlier, asking "is it beyond the wit of man for workers to wear silencer headphones?"

The MP for Mid-Derbyshire has tweeted...

View more on twitter
View more on twitter

Last month, the clock fell silent for major repair work expected to last until 2021.

'Can we debate Big Ben's bongs?' - Derbyshire MP

Esther Webber

BBC News

Conservative MP for Mid-Derbyshire, Pauline Latham, has asked for a debate on Big Ben's bongs falling silent.

Here's her question and reply by Commons leader, Andrea Leadsom.

Derby North MP: Move Parliament to the Midlands

Dave Wade

BBC Local Live

You might have caught a discussion on BBC Radio 4's PM programme this week on what to do about £4bn of repairs needed to renovate the Palace of Westminster.

Labour MP for Derby North, Chris Williamson, has tweeted a rather radical solution - moving Parliament from London to the Midlands or the North.

View more on twitter

The Grade I listed building and Unesco World Heritage site, which mostly dates back to the mid 1800s, faces irreversible damage without significant restoration.

A joint committee of MPs and peers, which was set up to specifically look at the options, advised the most cost-effective solution was for everyone to move out while the works were completed.

Pauline Latham, Conservative MP for Mid Derbyshire, is against the move. She said: "Once we leave we'll never go back."

Palace of Westminster

'Leavers' vote Tory in General Election

Chris Doidge

BBC Radio Derby, political reporter

Not totally surprising but Derbyshire constituencies which voted most strongly to Leave in 2016 tended to see bigger increases in Conservative vote share last week...

Pauline Latham gets emotional about Conservative colleagues who have lost their seats.
Pauline Latham won in Mid Derbyshire with a majority of more than 11,000.

Derbyshire Mid: Conservative hold

Election graphic

Latham in tears as friends lose seats

Navtej Johal

East Midlands Today reporter

Mid Derbyshire's Pauline Latham is in tears as she tells me about the Conservative friends who've lost their seats.

BreakingMid Derbyshire: Conservative hold

Amy Woodfield

BBC Local Live

Pauline Latham has held onto her Mid Derbyshire seat but did lose over 1,000 votes.



, with candidate Pauline Latham
, have the following results:
  • 24,908 total votes taken.
  • 52.2% share of the total vote
  • +3.9% change in share of the votes
, with candidate Nicola Heaton
, have the following results:
  • 12,134 total votes taken.
  • 25.4% share of the total vote
  • +1.0% change in share of the votes
, with candidate Martin Fitzpatrick
, have the following results:
  • 6,497 total votes taken.
  • 13.6% share of the total vote
  • +11.0% change in share of the votes
Liberal Democrat
, with candidate Hilary Jones
, have the following results:
  • 2,292 total votes taken.
  • 4.8% share of the total vote
  • -15.7% change in share of the votes
Green Party
, with candidate Sue MacFarlane
, have the following results:
  • 1,898 total votes taken.
  • 4.0% share of the total vote
  • +4.0% change in share of the votes

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