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Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
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Parliamentary constituency


General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



Ben Bradley Votes 23,392 header_vote_share 46.6 Net percentage change in seats +18.5



Alan Meale Votes 22,335 header_vote_share 44.5 Net percentage change in seats +5.1



Sid Pepper Votes 2,654 header_vote_share 5.3 Net percentage change in seats -19.8



Philip Shields Votes 1,079 header_vote_share 2.2 Net percentage change in seats +2.2


Liberal Democrat

Anita Prabhakar Votes 697 header_vote_share 1.4 Net percentage change in seats -2.1

Turnout and CON majority

CON majority




Vote share

Party %
Conservative 46.6
Labour 44.5
UKIP 5.3
Independent 2.2
Liberal Democrat 1.4

Vote share change since 2015

Liberal Democrat

Latest updates

Transport secretary visits Mansfield

Tony Roe

BBC East Midlands political editor

Transport secretary Chris Grayling has been visiting Mansfield.

Ben Bradley and Chris Grayling

Mr Grayling met local MP Ben Bradley and spoke to him about roads and the Robin Hood railway line, which connects Worksop, Nottingham and Mansfield.

Ben Bradley: Embattled Mansfield MP apologises over blogs

Liam Barnes

BBC News

You may have seen that Ben Bradley, the 28-year-old Mansfield MP, was under some pressure last week after a series of controversial blog posts came to light.

After turning down several offers for interview from BBC Radio Nottingham, he repeated his apology for his comments in a Facebook video, and said he hopes to get back to focusing on his job.

Addressing the benefits blog specifically, in which he suggested benefits claimants should have vasectomies, he said his comments about limiting the number of children people could have was a way of articulating how "people find it frustrating when a very small minority of people appear to take advantage of the benefits system".

He pointed to the benefits cap and the two-child limit on extra payments as a way of dealing with the issues raised, and "language aside", said he stands by the point he was trying to make.

Ben Bradley Mansfield MP blog apology

I was a young guy wanting to be a journalist, trying to write a blog that people might read, so it was maybe deliberately provocative and some of it doesn't represent my views then, never mind my views now.

Ben BradleyMansfield MP

Mr Bradley also called for more tolerance for mistakes younger people who have grown up online make, saying "normal people cock things up" and receiving "hundreds of death threats" for comments made years ago would dissuade people from entering public life.

Beard winner defends face fur

Dave Wade

BBC News

Mansfield's MP has responded to claims his beard isn't quite up to the standard of previous winners of the auspicious Parliamentary Beard of the Year competition...

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BBC Political Reporter, Peter Saull has tweeted that Mr Bradley's win is a "huge swing" from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Beard of the Year winner 'unlikely to play Santa'

Dave Wade

BBC News

Now you might think Mr Bradley's beard is nothing more than a bit of stubble.

santa calus

But the organisers of the contest - the Beard Liberation Front - have said the win ushers in a new era for political face fur.

"Neither MP has anything like a full organic beard and is unlikely to be in demand to play Santa," organisers, the Beard Liberation Front said.

"However both do represent a new generation of Parliamentary beard wearers."

Mansfield MP wins beard of the year

Dave Wade

BBC News

It's official. The East Midlands is home to the first Conservative winner of the Parliamentary Beard of the Year competition.

ben bradley

Mansfield's Ben Bradley received just under 50% of the online poll, beating Edinburgh South Labour MP Ian Murray, who got 45%.

Former Tory MP John Randall shared the award with Jeremy Corbyn (a seven-time champion) in 2012 but no Tory MP has been the outright winner.

Mr Bradley and Mr Murray had swapped the lead several times in recent days but the 27-year-old MP - Mansfield's first ever Tory MP clinched it at the last minute.

Mansfield MP set to win beard contest

Dave Wade

BBC News

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley looks set to become the first Conservative MP to win the Parliamentary Beard of the Year competition.

And he's done so by a whisker.

Ben Bradley

The poll, run by the Beard Liberation Front ("the informal network of beard wearers" in case you were wondering), has now closed and votes are being verified.

But at the time the vote closed, Mr Bradley had overtaken Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray.

Could fellow Tory and Derbyshire MP Patrick McLoughlin's endorsement have tipped him into pole position?

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Jeremy Corbyn has won the competition more than anyone else - seven times since 2001.

This year, however, the Labour leader was banned for being too successful.

Mansfield MP up for 'Beard of the Year'

Dave Wade

BBC Local Live

Conservative MP for Mansfield, Ben Bradley, is in the running for the auspicious Parliamentary Beard of the Year online poll.

Ben Bradley

Previous winners of the competition, organised by The Beard Liberation Front (yes, a real thing), have included, well, mostly Jeremy Corbyn who's topped the poll seven times since 2001.

The Front said the Labour leader is not eligible this year (apparently for being too successful).

It said concerns that Tory MPs were planning to boycott the poll because there were too many Labour candidates on the shortlist saw the Mansfield MP move to second place.

This year's shortlist also includes Labour's Ian Murray, Lib Dem Lord Tony Greaves and the SNP's Stewart Hosie among others.

Changes to East Midlands Commons constituencies proposed

Calum McKenzie

BBC Local Live

Two cross-county constituencies have been proposed in the East Midlands, under the latest proposed boundary changes.

Polling station
Getty Images

Some of the southern parts of the current Rushcliffe constituency would combine with Loughborough, to create a new Loughborough and South Rushcliffe seat.

Further south, some of the current South Leicestershire seat would become part of a new Daventry and Lutterworth constituency.

In Derbyshire and Derby, a new North East Derbyshire constituency will be created that is in line with its local authority of the same name, and there will be a Bolsover constituency containing the entirety of Bolsover District.

There are no proposed changes to the Bassetlaw, High Peak, Leicester East, Leicester South, North West Leicestershire and Mansfield seats - but all the rest face some minor tweaks which you can see here.

Mansfield MP addresses Conservative party conference

BBC Politics

Ben Bradley Mansfield MP Conservative conference

The Conservative party needs to show voters how it can improve people's lives, the first Tory MP for Mansfield has told the party conference.

Ben Bradley, who took the seat from Labour for the first time in 94 years, said he was attracted to David Cameron's 'Big Society' vision, and backed current leader Theresa May's ideas.

He admitted though that "a lot of people were surprised" at his election success - including, rather infamously, the election announcer who read out the wrong result.

Watch: Labour needs to 'engage' with ex-mining towns, says Corbyn

Calum McKenzie

BBC Local Live

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said his party needs to put forward a viable plan for jobs in former mining communities in the East Midlands.

The party lost Mansfield to the Conservatives at June's general election after holding it for 94 years and also lost North East Derbyshire to the Tories.

Mr Corbyn added that in order to win back these seats the party needed to be "fully engaged" with communities there.