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Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
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General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



Karen Lee Votes 23,333 header_vote_share 47.9 Net percentage change in seats +8.3



Karl McCartney Votes 21,795 header_vote_share 44.7 Net percentage change in seats +2.1



Nick Smith Votes 1,287 header_vote_share 2.6 Net percentage change in seats -9.6


Liberal Democrat

Caroline Kenyon Votes 1,284 header_vote_share 2.6 Net percentage change in seats -1.6


Green Party

Benjamin Loryman Votes 583 header_vote_share 1.2 Net percentage change in seats +1.2



Phil Gray Votes 312 header_vote_share 0.6 Net percentage change in seats +0.6



Iain Scott-Burdon Votes 124 header_vote_share 0.3 Net percentage change in seats +0.3

Turnout and LAB majority

LAB majority




Vote share

Party %
Labour 47.9
Conservative 44.7
UKIP 2.6
Liberal Democrat 2.6
Green Party 1.2
Independent 0.6

Vote share change since 2015

Green Party
Liberal Democrat

Latest updates

Lincoln abuse 'unacceptable' - Police

More now on the woman who had sexual comments hurled at her while she was walking in the Brayford Pool area of Lincoln.


The 63-year-old woman says she won't come back into the city alone since the incident, which she says involved a homeless man.

Insp Pat Coates says it's something the police are looking into and such incidents won't be tolerated:

It saddens me that the lady has suffered that abuse in the city centre. The behaviour she described is unacceptable...What I want to do is reassure people that generally Lincoln is a safe city and a safe area to come into."

Insp Pat CoatesLincolnshire Police

Welcome to Tuesday's live coverage

Martin Slack

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Good morning from Lincoln. I'll be bringing you all the latest news, sport, weather and travel from across the county until 18.00 today.

We love to hear from you, so get in touch by sending an email, or messaging on Facebook or Twitter.

Send in your pictures, news or info about what's happening where you are and we'll try to include it here.

Lincoln makes semi-finals of 'Cathedral World Cup'

Lizzie Musham

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Lincoln Cathedral's going head to head with others from across the country as part of the Cathedral World Cup.

Lincoln Cathedral

It's a competition on Twitter where you can vote for your favourite cathedral using the hashtag #CathedralWorldCup.

It all started when St Paul's Cathedral tweeted that it had been named Britain's favourite building in 2015.

Now, cathedrals from England and Wales are vying for votes to be named the best.

Lincoln is up against Liverpool. Winchester and Peterborough.

More armed officers at Lincoln Christmas Market

Corazon Garcia

BBC Radio Lincolnshire

This year's Lincoln Christmas Market will see more armed officers helping to police the event as part of tighter security measures.

Armed police officers

Lincolnshire Police say the decision is not based on any emerging threat or intelligence.

Certain roads will also be blocked off in key locations as part of wider security measures.

Last year the four-day event attracted more than 260,000 visitors.

We will have officers at the market, some of whom will be armed as they often are at events as large as this one... The most important thing is that the market is a safe and enjoyable event for all, as it is every year"

Ch Insp Stewart BrinnLincolnshire Police

Roadworks 'exacerbate' Lincoln level crossing problem - Councillor

Harry Parkhill

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Roadworks in Lincoln may have "exacerbated" crowd problems at the city's level crossing at the weekend, according to a Lincolnshire councillor.

The roadworks meant there was limited space on the pavement, which caused crowds at peak shopping times on Saturday:

Crowds at level crossing

Lincolnshire County Council decided not to postpone work on the roads nearby to avoid "prolonging the agony for the people who use the area and visit the area".

Councillor Colin Davie says: "It's better to get these works finished and get the whole thing properly opened again for the public and businesses."

Network Rail has done the right thing by planning to introduce attendants to manage the flow of pedestrians through the barriers at busy times, Mr Davie adds.

I share the frustration of the public in that that these works had to be done. In addition to the railway bridge crossing, they have really exacerbated the problem."

Colin DavieLincolnshire County Councillor

Wards closed because of norovirus outbreak

Lucy Parry

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Three wards at Lincoln County Hospital have had admissions restricted to stop the spread of a vomiting bug.

Patients on three wards of Lincoln County Hospital are suffering from norovirus (pictured).

CDC (Centre for Disease Prevention and Control)

One ward has been closed and two others are restricting admissions.

The trust running the hospital says it's just a precaution to prevent the spread of the virus.

They say not to come go to a hospital if you have had diarrhoea or sickness in the last three days.

'Sufficient laws' to deal with cyber abuse - Lincoln academic

Harry Parkhill

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

We mentioned earlier that there have been 170 reports of online abuse in Lincolnshire in the last year...

cyber safety
Getty Images

An academic from Sheffield Hallam University has told the BBC that one of the main reasons so-called "trolling" is such a problem is that people think they can get away with saying something "they wouldn't be able to say in real life".

But Barry Turner, a senior lecturer in media law at the University of Lincoln says there are already laws to prevent these sorts of crimes from happening - they just need to be enforced:

We do have sufficient laws in place to control it, providing the authorities are prepared to use it... If a crime is committed, it really doesn't make any difference if it takes place in cyberspace or in the High Street. The police's responsibility to deal with it is exactly the same."

Barry TurnerSenior lecturer in media law, University of Lincoln

Could boundary changes affect Lincoln Tory challenge?

Harry Parkhill

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Changes to the constituency boundaries in Lincoln could affect the likelihood of a Conservative MP for city.

This is despite the Labour Party saying that the proposed changes are for the government to pursue "their own political advantage rather than what is in the best interest of the country".


Our political reporter has been analysing the border changes:

These proposals are designed to even out the number of voters in each seat. Sleaford and North Hykeham would swap pockets of their communities, the Lincoln seat would lose Bracebridge Heath and Waddington but gain North Hykeham and parts of South Hykeham. In theory this could mean the loss of Conservative voters in Lincoln, which is a marginal seat.

Sharon EdwardsBBC Radio Lincolnshire

Planned parliamentary boundaries to affect Lincolnshire

Sharon Edwards

Political Reporter, BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Revised changes to parliamentary boundaries could affect who you vote for in the next general election if they're approved.

The government wants to cut the number of MPs in the House of Commons.

Currently the constituency boundaries look like this:

old boundaries
Boundary Commission for England

New borders could mean that people living in Heckington will vote for the Boston and Skegness MP, not the Sleaford and North Hykeham MP.

It would also mean people in Waddington would no longer vote for Lincoln's MP whilst people in parts of South Hykeham now would.

The proposed changes are pictured below in light blue:

new boundaries
Boundary Commission for England

The changes would have to be approved by parliament which some commentators say is unlikely.

The Labour Party says the proposed changes are for the government to pursue "their own political advantage rather than what is in the best interest of the country".