UK results: Conservatives win majority

After 650 of 650 seats declared
UK results
Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 365 203 48 11 8 15
Change +47 -59 +13 -1 -2 +2


Parliamentary constituency



  1. Labour
    Jon Trickett
    • Votes: 16,460
    • Vote share %: 37.5
    • Vote share change: -18.5
  2. Conservative
    Louise Calland
    • Votes: 15,280
    • Vote share %: 34.8
    • Vote share change: +0.9
  3. The Brexit Party
    Waj Ali
    • Votes: 5,930
    • Vote share %: 13.5
    • Vote share change: +13.5
  4. Independent
    Ian Womersley
    • Votes: 2,458
    • Vote share %: 5.6
    • Vote share change: +5.6
  5. Liberal Democrat
    James Monaghan
    • Votes: 1,734
    • Vote share %: 3.9
    • Vote share change: +2.0
  6. The Yorkshire Party
    Martin Roberts
    • Votes: 964
    • Vote share %: 2.2
    • Vote share change: -0.3
  7. Green
    Lyn Morton
    • Votes: 916
    • Vote share %: 2.1
    • Vote share change: +2.1
  8. Independent
    Pete Wilks
    • Votes: 165
    • Vote share %: 0.4
    • Vote share change: +0.4

Change compared with 2017


  • LAB majority: 1,180
  • Registered voters: 73,726
  • % share:
  • Change since 2017: -4.4

Vote share

Party % share
Labour 37.5%
Conservative 34.8%
The Brexit Party 13.5%
Independent 5.6%
Liberal Democrat 3.9%
The Yorkshire Party 2.2%

Vote share change since 2017

  • The Brexit Party +13.5 Gained
  • Independent +5.6 Gained
  • Liberal Democrat +2.0 Gained
  • Conservative +0.9 Gained
  • The Yorkshire Party -0.3 Lost
  • Labour -18.5 Lost

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Latest updates

Yorkshire MPs announced in Shadow Cabinet

Three Yorkshire MPs have been appointed in new Labour Party leader Keir Starmer's Shadow Cabinet.

Keir Starmer
PA Media

Mr Starmer, who was announced as the new leader at the weekend, revealed his new team today.

Wentworth and Dearne's John Healey MP has been appointed as Shadow Defence Secretary.

Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband has been appointed as Shadow Business, Energy and Industrial Secretary.

And, Louise Haigh MP, who represents Sheffield Heeley, has been given Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary on an interim basis.

Leaving the shadow cabinet are:

  • Tracy Brabin MP - Batley and Spen
  • Richard Burgon MP - Leeds East
  • Rachael Maskell MP - York Central
  • Jon Trickett MP - Hemsworth

Election outcome 'predictable' - Labour's Hemsworth MP

Labour's Jon Trickett, who held his Hemsworth seat in West Yorkshire in the General Election by a margin of 1,180 votes, has said the outcome of the election was "predictable".

John Trickett

Mr Trickett, whose majority in 2017 was 10,174, said: "I have long believed that if we turned our backs on Brexit voters they would turn their backs on us, and they did.

"Labour failed to respect the voices of millions of our people who voted to leave the EU.

"In 2017, we respected the referendum and saw astonishing results. In 2019, we became a remain-orientated party and look what happened."

Hemsworth: Labour hold

Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett has been re-elected as the MP for Hemsworth, with a significantly decreased majority.

The Labour candidate beat Conservative Louise Calland by 1,180 votes, less than half the majority at the 2017 election.

Waj Ali of the Brexit Party came third and independent candidate Ian Womersley came fourth.

Voter turnout was down by 4.4 percentage points since the last general election.

Nearly 44,000 people, 59.6% of those eligible to vote, went to polling stations across the area on Thursday, in the first December general election since 1923.

Four of the eight candidates, James Monaghan (Liberal Democrat), Martin Roberts (The Yorkshire Party), Lyn Morton (Green) and Pete Wilks (independent) lost their £500 deposits after failing to win 5% of the vote.

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'We failed to listen to what people wanted' - Trickett

Kevin Larkin

Political reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

Labour MP John Trickett has slammed the Labour party leadership for failing to listen to people's views on Brexit.

Mr Trickett, who retained his Hemsworth seat but saw his majority slashed from more than 10,000 to just 1,180, said he had warned party leaders but to no avail:

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BreakingHemsworth: Labour hold

Jon Trickett, Labour candidate for Hemsworth, has been re-elected as MP.

Watch: Labour 'getting clobbered' over Brexit - councillor

West Yorkshire Labour Councillor Steve Tulley says his party is suffering as a result of it's stance on Brexit.

He also fears the party will be "struggling to get away with a 1,000 majority" in Hemsworth, where in 2017 Jon Trickett won the seat by more than 10,000 votes:

Large turnout in Wakefield?

It seems that voter turnout could be high in Wakefield, according to the BBC reporter at the count.

Ballot Box
PA Media

Kevin Larkin, BBC Radio Leeds' political reporter says he's been told of "very full ballot boxes" and "huge amount of postal votes".

Three constituencies will be counted in Wakefield tonight - Wakefield, Hemsworth and Normanton, Ponefract and Castleford - and it could be at the centre of some tight battles.

Rumours already rife after exit poll

Kevin Larkin

Political reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

Radio Leeds's Political Reporter Kevin Larkin with the rumours from the count.

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