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Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
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After 650 of 650 seats

Grantham & Stamford

Parliamentary constituency


General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



Nick Boles Votes 35,090 header_vote_share 62.0 Net percentage change in seats +9.2



Barrie Fairbairn Votes 14,996 header_vote_share 26.5 Net percentage change in seats +9.6


Liberal Democrat

Anita Day Votes 3,120 header_vote_share 5.5 Net percentage change in seats -0.6



Marietta King Votes 1,745 header_vote_share 3.1 Net percentage change in seats -14.4



Tariq Mahmood Votes 860 header_vote_share 1.5 Net percentage change in seats +1.5


Green Party

Becca Thackray Votes 782 header_vote_share 1.4 Net percentage change in seats -2.1

Turnout and CON majority

CON majority




Vote share

Party %
Conservative 62.0
Labour 26.5
Liberal Democrat 5.5
UKIP 3.1
Independent 1.5
Green Party 1.4

Vote share change since 2015

Liberal Democrat
Green Party

Latest updates

Five things we've learned today

Hope Bolger

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Well that's it from me, we'll be back tomorrow with more news, sport, weather and travel from across the county at 08:00.

For now though I'll leave you with five things we've learned today.

Have a good evening.

National Health Insurance Scheme proposed by Lincolnshire MP

Grantham and Stamford's MP, Nick Boles, has been on the Victoria Derbyshire programme today, proposing a National Health Insurance scheme.

He says he thinks people would be willing to pay a little bit more in tax - to safeguard the future of the NHS:

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Your lunchtime headlines

Barbara Stimpson

BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Our top stories so far today from our Lincolnshire newsroom:

EU divorce bill must be "reasonable", says MP

Harry Parkhill

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Grantham and Stamford's MP says it's reasonable for the UK to pay for some EU commitments after Brexit, but warns there'll be anger if the EU is unfair.

The Prime Minister is chairing a meeting of the Cabinet today to try and settle the so called "divorce bill" as the UK leaves the European Union.

It's proved a sticking point in negotiations, preventing talks from moving onto arranging a trade deal with the Union.

nick boles
Nick Boles MP

Nick Boles, MP for Grantham and Stamford, says we made commitments whilst we were a member of the EU.

If the methodology the bloc uses to work out how much the UK owes is reasonable, then he says "everybody can live with it".

But if it's "egregious" then he says we'll be "very angry about it".

Grantham MP vows to take A&E fight to Commons

Lizzie Musham

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Following the news that a decision over whether to reopen Grantham A&E overnight will now be deferred until next month the town's MP says he'll raise the matter in the House of Commons.

Nick Boles

NHS Improvement wants to carry out an independent review despite there being enough doctors now available to staff the unit 24 hours a day.

The United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust says it needs to ensure levels can be maintained going forward.

But Grantham MP Nick Boles says it's not good enough:

The idea that another month is going to tell them anything that they don't already know is just ludicrous and I think that NHS Improvement is just trying to kick the can down the road in the hope of staving off the reopening and I think that's outrageous."

Nick BolesMP Grantham and Stamford

Grantham A&E "not quite" ready to reopen overnight

Harry Parkhill

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Earlier we heard Grantham's MP say health bosses have recruited enough doctors to reopen Grantham's A&E overnight.

Well a medical director at the trust which runs the hospital says "we're not quite there yet".

Getty Images

Although enough extra doctors have been recruited in order to safely staff the ward, the trust is concerned that not all staff are obliged to stay in the county.

Some of the doctors they've recruited are locum (temporary) doctors who aren't contracted to stay permanently.

But Dr Neill Hepburn says that a decision will be made on 7 November, and could mean the A&E department opens before Christmas.

We're not quite there yet to determine whether we can do that safely, but it's certainly looking a lot much more optimistic than it was a few months ago.

Dr Neill HepburnMedical Director at ULHT

Decision expected in weeks on Grantham A&E

Harry Parkhill

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

In a couple of weeks we'll know whether Grantham A&E will reopen overnight.

Health bosses say they'll make a decision on 7 November.

grantham a&e

Grantham's MP says the hospital trust should "deliver on their word" after A&E closed overnight last year because of a lack of doctors.

The trust running the hospital says it's successfully recruited four more permanent staff members and temporary staff.

But there's still the concern that A&E rotas might be left unfilled:

Before we can fully reopen A&E, we need to ensure we can cover all our A&E rotas in order to provide the level of service required"

Dr Neill HepburnMedical Director - United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust

Enough staff to open Grantham A&E overnight

Alex Rhodes

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

Health bosses have recruited enough doctors to reopen Grantham's A&E overnight, according to the town's MP.

He says that the hospital trust now has to "deliver on their word" after closing the A&E overnight because of a lack of doctors.

Nick Boles

A letter from the MP to the Chief Executive of United Lincolnshire's Hospital trust urges him to reopen the ward.

I feel very strongly that they communicated clearly to the people of Grantham that they had taken this unfortunate decision because staffing had become unsafe. Now it is back to a level it is safe. It is time to deliver on their word and to reopen.

Nick BolesMP for Grantham & Stamford

'May must stay' - County MPs back embattled Prime Minister

Sharon Edwards

Political Reporter, BBC Radio Lincolnshire

A former conservative party chairman calling for Theresa May to step aside as Prime Minister is dominating much of the national headlines today.

Grant Shapps says he has the backing of around 30 MPs in a bid to bring about a leadership contest but it appears that the MP for Gainsborough, Sir Edward Leigh isn't one of them.

Sir Edward Leigh MP

He say's he's firmly behind the Prime Minister and that a leadership contest would be disastrous for the country:

May must stay... I'm certain nine out of 10 MPs don't want a leadership election, we'd be the laughing stock of Europe. It would take months and the Brexit negotiations would stop dead in their tracks"

Sir Edward LeighMember of Parliament for Gainsborough

He's not the only Lincolnshire MP to come out in support of the embattled Prime Minister.

Matt Warman the MP for Skegness and the MP for Grantham and Stamford have both posted their support on social media:

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Lincolnshire Labour activist heckled

Harry Parkhill

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

A Labour activist from Lincolnshire has been heckled at the party's conference after suggesting they'd failed to stand up to the government over Brexit.

cameron clack

Cameron Clack, from Grantham and Stamford's Labour Party, told members that they would be remembered for letting the Tories do what they want with Brexit.

He said the party had "voted away your chance to stop this disastrous Brexit".

There's a mix of applause and boos as he declared: "We will be remembered as the opposition that let the Tories do what they want with Brexit."