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Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
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After 650 of 650 seats

Bridgwater & Somerset West

Parliamentary constituency


General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



Ian Liddell-Grainger Votes 32,111 header_vote_share 55.1 Net percentage change in seats +9.2



Wes Hinckes Votes 16,663 header_vote_share 28.6 Net percentage change in seats +11.0


Liberal Democrat

Marcus Kravis Votes 6,332 header_vote_share 10.9 Net percentage change in seats -1.6



Simon Smedley Votes 2,102 header_vote_share 3.6 Net percentage change in seats -15.6


Green Party

Kay Powell Votes 1,059 header_vote_share 1.8 Net percentage change in seats -3.0

Turnout and CON majority

CON majority




Vote share

Party %
Conservative 55.1
Labour 28.6
Liberal Democrat 10.9
UKIP 3.6
Green Party 1.8

Vote share change since 2015

Liberal Democrat
Green Party

Latest updates

MP votes with his feet over Somerset merger

The planned merger of two Somerset councils is under threat.

One local MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger, has defied his party and stopped voting with the government over its backing for the deal between Taunton Deane and West Somerset.

But there are also new doubts amongst some councillors.

Here's our political editor Paul Barltrop on a debate, tomorrow, that could de-rail plans:

Local MP votes with his feet over merger

MP defies whip in council merger protest

Ian Liddell-Grainger
Conservative Party

A Conservative MP has refused to support the government in two key Commons votes in a protest against a proposed council merger in his constituency.

Ian Liddell-Grainger is opposed to plans to merge West Somerset and Taunton Dean councils, despite them being given provisional government approval.

The Bridgwater & West Somerset MP first defied the whip last week by abstaining from a vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Last night he refused to vote again - this time on the Finance Bill.

The leaders of both councils are in favour of the merger although tomorrow West Somerset councillors will be asked to reconsider their support in a motion being presented to full council by Conservative MP Rosemary Woods.

Somerset MP's threat to government over council merger

A Somerset Conservative MP is threatening to withdraw his support for the government in a protest over a proposed council merger.

Ian Liddell-Grainger abstained in several crucial votes on Monday on the EU Withdrawal Bill, despite there being a three-line whip.

He's vehemently opposed to plans to merge West Somerset and Taunton Deane councils, which last week got provisional approval from the government.

It's understood he's writing to the Prime Minister warning his protest will continue unless the merger is prevented.

Ian Liddell-Grainger

Disadvantaged children in West Somerset

State of the Nation map showing West Somerset statistics
Crown copyright

Disadvantaged children in rural and coastal areas of the West are least likely to improve their social chances, according to a new government report.

West Somerset has been identified as giving the young the worst prospects, out of 324 authority areas in Great Britain.

The Forest of Dean also fares badly in the State of the Nation annual study.

Stroud comes out as the best area in the region for improving prospects.

Disadvantaged children generic image

West Somerset improvement chances are slim, says report

West Somerset has been named as the worst place in the UK for disadvantaged children to progress, in a new government report.The Forest of Dean is also in the 25 poorest-performing authorities for improvement prospects.

The State of the Nation study analyses social mobility in Great Britain: the experts use 16 indicators for "every major life stage" and measure them across all local authorities.

Rural and coastal areas have now replaced inner cities as having the poorest social mobility.

It means that someone from a poor social background in West Somerset and the Forest of Dean will find it extremely difficult to improve their economic chances.

The Cotswolds - despite being a generally affluent area - is "amongst the worst for offering good education, employment opportunities and affordable housing to their most disadvantaged residents."

The analysis in this report substantiates the sense of political alienation and social resentment that so many parts of Britain feel... Overcoming the divisions that exist in Britain requires far more ambition and far bigger scale. A less divided Britain will require a more redistributive approach to spreading education, employment and housing prospects across our country.”

Rt Hon Alan MilburnChair, Social Mobility Commission

Bridgwater & Somerset West: Conservative Hold

Election Graphic

BreakingBridgwater and West Somerset - Conservative hold

Conservative Ian Liddell-Grainger retains his seat.

General election 2017: How do I register to vote?

Don't get left outside on polling day. Here are details of what you need and where you need to go to register for the general election on 8 June:

The deadline to register is 22 May


, with candidate Ian Liddell-Grainger
, have the following results:
  • 25,020 total votes taken.
  • 46.0% share of the total vote
  • +0.7% change in share of the votes
, with candidate Stephen Fitzgerald
, have the following results:
  • 10,437 total votes taken.
  • 19.2% share of the total vote
  • +14.4% change in share of the votes
, with candidate Mick Lerry
, have the following results:
  • 9,589 total votes taken.
  • 17.6% share of the total vote
  • +0.5% change in share of the votes
Liberal Democrat
, with candidate Theo Butt Philip
, have the following results:
  • 6,765 total votes taken.
  • 12.4% share of the total vote
  • -15.9% change in share of the votes
Green Party
, with candidate Julie Harvey-Smith
, have the following results:
  • 2,636 total votes taken.
  • 4.8% share of the total vote
  • +3.3% change in share of the votes

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