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'Really the surprise was that we got a deal at all'

BBC Radio 5 Live

Wake Up To Money

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Mark Essex, director of public policy at KPMG, told BBC Radio 5's Wake Up To Money that he had been surprised by Thursday's announcement about a Brexit deal.

"Really the surprise was that we got a deal at all,” said Mr Essex.

Much of it is about the border in the island of Ireland. He explained what would happen if a product made in Derby, goes to Belfast with a view to ending up in Dublin.

“You'd have to fill out a customs declaration in Derby, they would incur tariffs as they move across the Irish Sea and when they go to Dublin there would no tariff because it would be crossing the Irish border where there is tariff".

If a deal is signed, a transition period begins, he said, and added nothing would change with packaging, for instance, until the end of next year.

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