Paramore announce first live show in four years

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Hayley Williams' Paramore - who headlined Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2014 - are working on a new album

Paramore have announced their first live show in four years.

They are set to headline the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas in October, alongside My Chemical Romance.

The Tennessee rock band confirmed their return on social media, shortly after a poster for the festival appeared online.

The festival, described as an "epic line-up of emo and rock bands from the past two decades", will also feature Bring Me The Horizon and Avril Lavigne.

The appearance comes after singer Hayley Williams revealed they're also working on a new album - their first since 2017's After Laughter.

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Paramore played Radio 1's Big Weekend in Maidstone in 2008

Fan Abbie Shipperley said "2022 has been saved" and the return "seems too good to be true".

"It was almost like I'd seen my school planner that I'd drawn all the logos on, reincarnated - I didn't believe it was real," she told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

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The 24-year-old photographer from Southampton, who has been a Paramore fan since she was 14, followed the group on their last UK tour in 2018 and even has a tattoo of their lyrics on her neck.

"They're the only band that have stuck with me for those 10 or so years," she said.

"I know that's really cliché, but the impact they've had on music as a collective, and all the different directions they've taken the music - they've just nailed each and every one."

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Lyrics from Paramore's' Miracle' go everywhere with Abbie, as a tattoo on her back

There are no confirmed plans for Paramore to come back to the UK yet, but Abbie's "trying to convince my friends to go [to Las Vegas], because I don't think that we'll see a line-up that good for years to come, if not ever".

"I'm hoping that they'll come over [to the UK] and I will sell my soul to be able to take photos of it," she adds.

Image source, Abbie Shipperley
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Abbie met Paramore guitarist Taylor York in Cardiff on their last UK tour in 2018

While Paramore have been on hiatus, Hayley WIlliams has been busy releasing her first solo albums.

But in November 2021, she teased a return for the band.

"Paramore can't be 'on a break' forever," she told fans in a newsletter.

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After winning BBC Radio 1's Sound Of 2022 earlier this month, singer PinkPantheress told the BBC that she decided to become a musician after watching Paramore at Reading Festival in 2014

"I was 15, right at the barrier and Hayley Williams just looked like she was enjoying herself so much. Then I realised she's getting paid on top of that! I was like, "I want to do this." It changed my perspective," she said.

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