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Aitch on being a solo Call of Duty player and his plans for 2021

By Steffan Powell
Newsbeat gaming reporter


"Lockdown 100% drew me back in to playing video games," says Aitch.

"Literally I was going back and forth from the studio to the game."

He's been speaking to BBC Sounds gaming podcast Press X To Continue about his gaming habits during the pandemic.

The rapper - and Call of Duty fan - has spent much of this year gaming, but when not wielding a virtual sniper rifle he's also been working on music plans for next year.

"Keep your eyes peeled, 2021 is going to be one of the maddest," he says.

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Chatting about his love of games, Aitch admits he's quite a competitive player and that: "Lockdown made me play loads, it made me better.

"Sometimes I was playing too much, so I had to take a step back and get some fresh air."

He admits his approach to teamwork and party-chat in Call of Duty might divide fans of the game, however.

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image captionCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the latest instalment in famous gaming franchise

"I'm not going to lie to you - and the mandem might hate me for this - I'm not a 'join the party' guy! I don't really join the party when I'm playing with others."

He prefers playing online alone, instead of the hugely popular online matches with other gamers.

"I know that sounds boring, but I can't concentrate when men are shouting and I'm trying to play, my head gets fried.

"I like to go solo, I'm not going to lie."

Life in 2020 has not been when anyone might have expected, Aitch included.

"It's been fine for people like me because we can still release music, it's more that we can't do shows.

"That's is my favourite part, so that's pretty sad.

"But other people have got way more of a reason to complain, so I'm not going to sit here and moan about it to be honest."

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image captionAitch has been speaking to the new BBC Sounds podcast Press X To Continue

Looking to the future, Aitch says he has a few things on his mind: "I'm going to be shooting videos in the next couple of months - then at start of the year January or February, I'm back.

"So keep your eyes peeled, a hundred thousand percent it's going to be one of the maddest years."

'I do believe I'm the best at Call of Duty'

Also on the agenda in the next couple of months is honing his skills on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to prove he's the best rapper on the game.

"I've played with Not3s, he's quite good. I've not played with AJ Tracey yet but I've heard he's pretty good.

"But I do believe I'm the best. Genuinely though I've not played for a month so I'm going to get warmed up, get my practice in and then we can talk."

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