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'I got a tattoo of Conor Coady after his England goal'

By Christian Hewgill
BBC Newsbeat reporter

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Ever heard of the saying 'famous last words'?

It's like when you leave the house without a coat and say "it's never going to rain", only for it to pour down eight seconds later.

Ashley Stain from Walsall is a passionate Wolves fan. In his words he "absolutely loves" their centre-back Conor Coady.

The 20-year-old was delighted when Conor once again got called up to play for England. So much so, he tweeted this...

After all, as Ashley said to his mates, he "doesn't score many goals".

Famous last words.

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image captionConor Coady absolutely did score, meaning for Ashley, it's tattoo time

Naturally as soon as Conor poked home Kieran Trippier's free-kick to double England's lead against Wales in their friendly last week, Ashley started getting more than a few Twitter notifications.

"It had absolutely blown up. Over 12,000 likes, the likes of Sky Sports and Sport Bible tweeting about it, Jamie Carragher re-tweeted it! It was just blowing up. I was gobsmacked."

Ashley admits he breathed a slight sigh of relief when earlier in the game Conor missed a chance, but he was nevertheless still happy when he eventually did find the net.

"Obviously being a Wolves fan, I was dancing around the front room like a lunatic.

"But then I realised it was Coady and I thought 'oh, I've got to get a tattoo'. But I'm over the moon with it to be fair. He's the captain of Wolves, I love him to pieces and I love Wolves to pieces.

image copyrightAshley Stain
image captionAshley's tattoo begins to take shape

It never entered Ashley's mind not to go through with it, not that he had much choice given the reaction to his tweet!

"I had a tweet off a local business," he said.

"They said that they love the story the love the fact that I want to get a tattoo done, so they offered to offered to pay for the full tattoo.

Conor then picked a local artist and made a booking for a week later. So any pre-match, or in this case, pre-tat nerves?

"Nerves and excitement really.

"I'm excited to have it done because it's going to be on my body forever and in 20, 30 years' time I will be able to look back on it and be over the moon with it.

"But then again I am nervous because it's a tattoo!"

Thanks to Newsbeat, Ashley even got a message from the man himself.

"A million people have sent me your tweet from the other day," Conor said.

"It will be great to see the finished article even though I do think you're crazy!"

image copyrightAshley Stain
image captionAshley says his message from Conor will stay with him for life. A bit like the tattoo then.

So what does Ashley make of the finished product? and any regrets at sending that tweet?

"I feel a lot better now I've had it done," Ashley said.

"It's perfect, absolutely perfect. I have no regrets about sending that tweet, none at all."

Ashley can't think of anyone better to have on his leg for the rest of his life, than Conor.

"It's his passion. I absolutely love him to pieces. It gets me a bit tearful.

"Coming from League One to now captaining England for the for the remainder of the game. It's just a mind blowing, absolutely mind blowing."

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