JLS reunion: Meet the superfans

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"Let's just get back together, we should've never broke up."

Back in 2009, JLS released their number one single Beat Again with those lyrics opening the chorus. You can hear it, can't you?

They hold a lot more weight since Thursday night, when the band announced a reunion tour after splitting seven years ago.

"It's brought back all the memories of being in love with them, completely, unconditionally," 21-year-old Lydia tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Image copyright Lydia Greatrix
Image caption The other side of Lydia's poster said "MARRY ME ASTON!"

As you can see above, Lydia wasn't lying.

"I pretty much worshipped them," she says.

Lydia never actually got the chance to meet Aston, Marvin, Oritse or JB. But she'd still "do anything for them".

"It's just this overwhelming love that you feel for them even though you know that they don't unconditionally love you.

"It's a bit sad, but it makes you happy as well."

And that's a feeling that millions of people who were teens and pre-teens at the time will relate to.

Image copyright Gabrielle
Image caption Gabrielle had a unique way of letting JLS know how much she loved them

Gabrielle knows it well.

The 20-year-old showed her love in a more unique way than just decorating her bedroom and buying merchandise.

"I had standing tickets to the tour and was right near the stage. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I made them homemade cookies."

Gabrielle wrapped the cookies up in foil with a letter for the group.

"I threw three of them on stage. One of the boys saw it and was like 'What is this?' It wasn't my finest moment."

After all, if you don't pelt your favourite artist with homemade baked treats, are they really your favourite artist?

It didn't end there. Gabrielle decided to paint her ceiling in honour of the boy band back when they were in their prime.

Image copyright Gabrielle
Image caption The... artwork... includes lyrics from Do You Feel What I Feel, and Teach Me How To Dance

"I was just a very hardcore loyal fan," says Gabrielle, adding that she was probably a bit bored at home.

It would be wrong to write a feature about JLS without mentioning their most-talked about moment.

Forget the sold-out tours and number-one singles - a collaboration with Durex saw the band's faces slapped on condom packets.

In hindsight, it's a little weird to think the X Factor band with predominantly teen and pre-teen female fans decided condoms were the obvious next business move.

But when you have a dedicated fanbase you can get away with a lot.

Gabrielle never bought a branded condom, but laughed as she told us: "You can probably find an old tweet about me saying how amazing it is they promoted safe sex."

And we did...

Not everyone was a fan though.

Lydia was definitely "freaked out by them" at the time.

'My boyfriend doesn't understand'

"I waited for eight or nine hours outside their hotel for a chance to meet them," says Amy.

The 26-year-old now has her own house and a boyfriend, but her inner superfan is still going strong.

"I don't think my boyfriend fully understands what I'm like with JLS. I can get really emotional."

When she heard about the reunion, she "cried, screamed and shouted".

The band will hit the road at the end of 2020.

In statement announcing their return, JLS said it was the "right time".

"It marks a lot of important anniversaries for us... It's the 12th anniversary of JLS being a group, the 11th anniversary of our debut album release and 10 years since we became the Best British Breakthrough Act at the Brits!!"

The tour is currently made up of 15 shows across the UK and Ireland - and there will no doubt be plenty more crying, screaming fans along the way.

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