I'm A Celebrity: Secrets of the show revealed - from underwear to final calls

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Fans might know who's going into the jungle for the new series of I'm A Celebrity - but some of the contestants still don't.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts is already in Australia and is being kept in the dark about who she'll be camping with on the reality show, according to her girlfriend Kate Holderness.

Kate shared some behind-the-scenes secrets with Greg James on his Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Adele was announced as a contestant this week and will be joining former Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle, ex-England rugby player James Haskell and US reality star Caitlyn Jenner in the ITV jungle.

Kate also revealed how many pairs of pants the contestants are allowed to pack and more. Here's what we learned.

Contestants are kept separate and in secret

Kate says the celebrities will be kept apart until Sunday when the show launches. They weren't even allowed to fly to Australia together, where the show is filmed.

"Adele's got no idea of her fellow campmates but she's heard some of the rumours," Kate told Greg.

"All the campmates get put on a separate airline and there's only one flight a day from each airline.

"When we turned up to the airport and we were checking in, it was scary. They told Adele her plane was unsafe for flight and it was really hard explaining to the airline that she needed to get that flight because there was another campmate on the other plane."

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Adele presents the early morning breakfast on Radio 1

Adele's been booked since September

Adele's managed to keep her reality TV adventure secret for more than two months - even when talking about the show on Radio 1.

Kate says the celebrities have known they were going into the jungle since September.

"We've had to lock ourselves away in case we told people."

And in an ideal world, you'd want your last pre-jungle phone call with a loved one to be in private - but that wasn't the case.

Kate revealed that once they're in Australia all the celebrities are accompanied by chaperones.

"You have to do the last call on speakerphone, so it's a bit weird because you're going, 'I love you, you're going to be amazing' and there's someone there listening."

Three's the magic number

If you're a celebrity who can't pack light, I'm A Celebrity probably isn't the show for you.

"They're only allowed to take three sets of underwear and three sets of swimwear," said Kate.

"Now they're all on lock down in hotel rooms. They're not allowed any electronic devices so I can't speak to her, but she's allowed one book.

"She's got Riding the Waves by Jane McDonald."

I'm A Celebrity 2019 starts on ITV on Sunday 17 November at 9pm.

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