Halloween 2019: The best celebrity costumes

Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Model, Heidi Klum, in her gruesome costume with her husband Tom Kaulitz, as a blood-covered astronaut

Forget a quick splodge of face paint or mummifying yourself in loo roll - celebrities always bring their costume A-game for Halloween.

And this year we've got some corkers - Kim Kardashian as Dolly Parton, Gigi Hadid as The Mask and Jessica Biel reinvented as her own husband Justin Timberlake in his N-Sync days.

We're being trick-or-treated to a gory display of spine-tingling delights.

Granted they have the time, money and make-up artists to totally transform themselves - but they've made the effort - so let's ogle.

The ONLY place to start is with Heidi Klum. She never phones it in and throws arguably the spookiest (or at least the most papped) party in New York.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Heidi Klum has been named the queen of Halloween

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the prosthetics - she spent hours with her team getting the zombie look together.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The model's transformation took place in front of a live audience in NYC

Her guests don't disappoint either...

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Mariah Carey, Heidi Klum and her husband, Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum's costuming sets the bar high for every other celebrity out there.

Challenge accepted.

Ariana Grande entered The Twilight Zone this year, recreating what can only be described as a pig-ish face from "Eye of the Beholder", an episode from the series that originally aired in 1960.

Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson paid tribute to BeyoncΓ© and Jay-Z.

While Jessica Biel kept things close to home. She was her husband for Halloween.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel as the microphone and N'Sync at a bash in Beverly Hills, California

After revealing she doesn't know any of Justin Timberlake's old boyband lyrics, Jessica dressed up as him in his N-Sync days. He went as a microphone in case she wanted to sing "bye, bye, bye" - the only words she admits to knowing.

Jessica wishes she'd kept the revelation to herself.

Jennifer Aniston - who only recently joined Instagram - put it to good use by sharing a throwback to her 17-year-old Halloween costume.

Aquaman star Jason Mamoa channelled Elvis dressed in a pink jumpsuit backstage at The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Lil Nas X went as a piece of hip-hop history: channelling what can only be described as an iconic look from rapper Cam'Ron.

Gigi Hadid looked almost as rubber-faced as Jim Carrey's The Mask for Kendall Jenner's Halloween party in Los Angeles.

The Kardashians always put on a good show, and this year Kourtney gave us Dolly Parton.

Kim went as Reese Witherspoon's Elle Woods from Legally Blonde - and really committed to the role.

Kylie jenner went as The Little Mermaid.

And her daughter Stormi - we'll just leave this here.

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