YouTuber Chelsie Worthy says she's heartbroken over video 'copying'

Chelsie Worthy is known on social media as @wvrthy Image copyright Chelsie Worthy / Youtube

YouTuber Chelsie Worthy says it's "heartbreaking" that other influencers are "copying" her style.

She's known for her stylised makeup tutorials - she calls them "traptorials" - which feature graphics, music and distinctive editing.

But recently, her fans noticed YouTubers Patrick Starrr and Manny MUA were using a similar style.

Chelsie has spoken out on social media for not being given enough recognition in their videos.

She says she feels it's another sign she's "never been welcomed" as a black YouTuber in the industry.

In a series of tweets after seeing the other videos Chelsie says she "won't be quiet any longer".

"I've sat back and watched other influencers use my editing technique and style and have the audacity to try and pass it off as their own."

Chelsie first posted a traptorial in 2017 when she was a "small influencer" figuring out her own style.

"I got little to no recognition and was trying to figure out a way to make my brand stand out.

"I was creating new emails once a week to re-download Final Cut Pro trial because I couldn't afford the full version."

And she says it took months of work to create and perfect her traptorials which had "never been seen before".

'It's a nasty and ugly industry'

In an Instagram video, one of the largest makeup tutorial YouTubers, Patrick Starrr, appears to have edited his video with music similar to Chelsie's style.

Patrick's video had been promoting beauty influencer Jackie Aina's new makeup palette and has been viewed almost 700,000 times.

Around the same time, Manny MUA - who has almost five million subscribers - posted a similar video of one of his own makeup tutorials.

Manny says his video is "trying out a new style" and he includes a "shoutout" to Chelsie in his caption.

But she says she has to "speak out against this kind of behaviour".

"This is a very nasty and ugly industry that makes very little to no room for talented black creators, regardless of if they originate something or not."

And even when she has tried to "fit in" she says it's difficult being "accepted".

"If you are an aspiring beauty influencer, especially if you're black, don't be fooled. We are not as accepted as they make us out to be.

"I'm saying all this to let you know that these are the things that discourage talented black influencers from succeeding."

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