You Me At Six are playing all the hits

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When You Me At Six headline Gunnersville Festival in London this September, they're doing something quite unusual.

They will play every one of their singles in chronological order. Yes, that is a lot of music.

This goes back to Save it For the Bedroom from 2007 to more recent singles like 3AM.

"We just wanted to do something a bit bespoke," frontman Josh Franceschi tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

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Image caption Frontman Josh Franceschi says they want to celebrate the songs they have so far

"We are doing a lot of festivals in England this summer, probably the most we've ever done in one season.

"So we just wanted to do something that would be special and a celebration of the catalogue that we have so far."

It has been done before with Blur in 2009 and probably others but that doesn't take away from what they're doing.

"It's always nice to do something different," says Max the guitarist.

"It makes it a moment, it's a gig you don't want to miss.

"If you've been a You Me At Six fan for the last 10 or 15 years or you've just joined the party in the last year it is a great way to see a gig you wouldn't normally see at any other headline show we do."

You Me At Six formed in 2004 in Surrey and their last four albums have all made the UK top 10.

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The simple chronology will also help fans predict when their favourite single is due to be played.

"Yeah or you know when to leave and go to the bathroom," laughs Josh.

"Or when you need to go and buy a round of drinks for your mates," adds Max.

"We have always tried in You Me At Six to be a considerate bunch of lads," says Josh.

"We are men of the people," they both joke.

The band will be at Gunnersville Festival in Gunnersbury Park on 8 September - some fans are sad they'll miss seeing them play.

They have just played their seventh Reading and Leeds festival, a place that is very special for them.

"This is the first festival we came to," Josh explains.

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Image caption You Me At Six performs on stage during Leeds Festival 2019 at Bramham Park

"For a band from England, obviously there are other festivals, but we saw it as like our Mecca.

"It was the thing that we needed to try and conquer if we could and we have been fortunate enough to be asked to come back a few times.

"There is just a good vibe."

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