I missed my university offer: What do I do next?

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So, you've missed the grades you need to secure a place at your insurance or firm choice university.

Here's what you can do next.

Just missed out?

Some universities will still be willing to give you a place on the course you applied for if you've only just missed out on the grades.

  • Before anything else, phone the admissions contact number for the university which you applied for.
  • Tell them what grades you got, and see if they will allow you to enrol as a student regardless.
  • If that doesn't work out, another option is to appeal your exam results and pay to have your papers remarked.

This needs to be done as soon as possible, though, so don't wait around!


If you miss your university offers, you will automatically be eligible for courses through Clearing.

This is essentially a website and app showing a list of universities and courses that will offer you a place.

If you see some courses that look interesting, you call the admissions number provided, and tell them your grades.

Sharon Walpole is from Careermap. She tells Radio 1 Newsbeat: "Almost all universities have a clearing phone number, so call and talk to them.

"They're friendly, nice people. They want the best for you.

"Some will be very strict with grades, some will make exceptions. Always explain your situation."

They will quickly tell you if they can offer you a place - if not, you can phone another one on the list.


If you have a last minute change of plan, you might need to quickly arrange new accommodation for where you're heading.

Tom Allingham is from Save the Student. He tells Newsbeat: "Some universities guarantee accommodation for clearing students, some don't.

"If you've selected a university through clearing, go through their accommodation website and apply as quickly as you can.

"If you're still not sure which university you will choose, get on the phone to them and see if you can get a verbal offer of accommodation."

Most universities will have a housing service, who can advise you on the best route to take.

"I didn't get accommodation, I spent Freshers' week in a hotel," Tom says.

"If you don't think there will be accommodation for you, don't worry. There will be loads of students in the same position."

Student finance

If you've missed your offer and have chosen a new university through Clearing, you should have already completed a student finance application.

"It should be as simple as going on your student finance application and changing the details on it," Tom reveals.

So - although it might seem like the end of the world not getting your grades, there's always a way around it.

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