Unexpected tweeting devices: The smart tech getting smarter

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Fridges, ovens, and washing machines - these are just some of the devices that you can now use to access the internet.

One teenager in the US is claiming to have used her smart fridge to send a tweet after her mum took her devices away.

There are some even more obscure gadgets - including a tweeting kettle and toaster.

But for a teenager in the US we know only as Dorothy, the fridge allegedly came to the rescue when she was without her phone and apparently in desperate need to tweet.

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Another one of her tweets to gain a lot of attention says it was sent from Wii U Image Share.

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As technology changes the ways you can get on to Twitter become more bizarre.

Gamers know the old DS and games consoles including the PS4 and Nintendo Switch let you tweet screenshots of games and write your own captions.

But it's not just consoles that have the technology to get users online.

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No phone? Your cat can help

Technology reporter, Chris Fox

If you find yourself in a situation when you don't have access to a phone or computer and need to get a tweet out to the world, you can do it from a surprisingly wide range of devices.

Some net-connected smart TVs also come with a basic Twitter client built-in, which you might be able to use if you're really desperate.

Or you could log in through the web browser that's available on some smart TVs and consoles. It won't be elegant, but if you're in a bind…

It's also possible to tweet using smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, although you will need to get this set up before your mum confiscates your phone, and make sure she doesn't hear you asking Alexa to tweet.

There's also a tweeting cat flap created by tech writer Kate Bevan. It could be worth setting one of these up, so you can get your cat to raise the alarm if your phone is ever confiscated.

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