Anne-Marie and Charli XCX 'want fans to love their bodies'

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Image caption Anne-Marie on stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend

Anne-Marie says seeing her fans speaking negatively about their bodies online has encouraged her to be more empowering on social media.

"If you've got a platform and a lot of people follow you, then it's your responsibility to help people," she tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

The singer was first inspired to be more open about her struggles with body image after seeing a fan had tweeted saying: "I hate my boobs".

"I don't want anyone feeling like that about their body.

"I've never actually spoken specifically about boobs before. I never liked my boobs when I was growing up and now I love them - I feel like I want to help people through that journey as well."

This is not the first time Anne-Marie has spoken, or even sung about, her own body confidence.

Her 2018 song Perfect to Me is about accepting she isn't "a supermodel from a magazine" but that she's OK with that - and OK with eating her "body weight in chocolate and ice cream" too.

"Before social media, I think when I was growing up, I really struggled with what I looked like," she says.

"I didn't like that I had hips and a bum. So I feel like my struggles have made me want to help other people because I feel like if I hadn't gone through that I'd feel a bit fake trying to help people.

"Because I know how it feels, I just tweet and hopefully whoever reads it, they'll have a little think about it."

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Image caption Charli XCX says it's important to remember social media isn't the real world

Charli XCX says "no matter what walk of life you're in" it's important to "be yourself and stay true to who you are".

The singer has just released Blame It On Your Love with Lizzo, an all-female anthem about being confident in your own body and being honest about your romantic mistakes.

She also takes pride in being unapologetically herself online when it comes to her outfits and statements.

"It's very hard in this day and age with social media. People constantly judging your every move, no matter who you are," she tells Newsbeat.

"But I think it's really important to remember that world is not real, that's a world that exists on your phone.

"Your internal happiness is always the most important thing. So to just be able to have the kind of mental power and capacity to be able to seize your individuality and do what you want to do, I think is really important."

Emerging pop artist L Devine, whose song Peer Pressure talks about anxiety, looking bad in photos and spoiler alert... peer pressure from her friends, tells Newsbeat she always tries to be "the most real version" of herself online.

"It's very important to me. I hope people can see that as well.

"And with body image, I try to be as transparent as possible about that.

"Social media is really good, it can be horrible, but it's also a really good way to talk about these experiences and let people know that you go through this too."

Zara Larsson doesn't share her opinions about body image online though.

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Image caption Zara Larsson says she supports women but is not best placed to be a "voice for" body positivity

The Swedish singer interacts with fans on social media but says there are some things she doesn't talk about because she doesn't feel best placed to do so.

Zara admits she hasn't had to deal with body image issues, telling Newsbeat: "I mean, body positivity. I'm not really a voice for that."

"But I'm super supportive of women who are out there living their best life being their beautiful selves.

"I think that is a very important cause."

Zara still has a lot to say to her fans about how social media can affect their lives though.

"I think social media can be really stressful.

"That's what it's like for every young person. You just want to be validated in normal life, but you just see the numbers on social media.

"So if you don't think about that, I think it can be an amazing place."

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