Spurs fans who missed the Champions League semi-final win

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Image caption Tottenham scored three second-half goals to reach their first Champions League final

Imagine your team had played one of the best second halves in recent football history to land a spot in the Champions League final.

Only there's one problem - you went to bed and missed the whole thing because you'd given up after the disappointing first half.

That's exactly what happened to scores of Tottenham fans on Wednesday night, who had gone to sleep thinking their team's fate was sealed.

Spurs went on to score three times against Ajax in the last 45 minutes.

A number of fans woke up to learn about the astonishing turn of events, which saw Spurs score twice within the first five minutes of the second half.

You can see from just this small selection of tweets that many made the same mistake.

Fans couldn't quite believe it when they woke up to the news.

And were pretty gutted they'd chosen to turn off their television sets presuming they'd be defeated.

One Spurs superfan who missed out on watching the win was 11-year-old Noah, who had gone to bed feeling gloomy after the first half.

His father Geraint told Radio 1 Newsbeat: "My 11-year-old boy Noah watched the Spurs game in tears, he was totally distraught. He was down, he was upset and he went to bed at half time a broken boy."

So he decided to let him find out the news in an extra special way when he woke up in the morning.

Geraint had laid out several signs leading Noah to their Alexa device, where he got him to ask "who is paying in the Champions League final?"

"I thought the poor guy, he's asleep, probably having nightmares - it's probably the worst night sleep he's ever had," he said. "His little world had ended so I left him a little paper trail around the house."

Image copyright Geraint John
Image caption Spurs fan Noah, 11, was delighted when he woke up to the news

When Noah realised what had happened in the morning, he was ecstatic: "Obviously it was Spurs and Liverpool so he was a very, very happy boy.

"The tears had gone and he went to school in his Spurs scarf."

The Champions League final against Liverpool will take place in Madrid on 1 June (20:00 BST).

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