Shiro's Story creator Rapman to make Blue Story film

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Shiro's Story creator Rapman has announced he's written a film which will be released later this year.

It's an adaptation of his 2014 YouTube series Blue Story which the rapper says will "change the game".

Last year Rapman - real name Andrew Onwubolu - told Radio 1 Newsbeat he believes there's a lack of effort from TV and film to tell diverse stories.

Announcing the news on Instagram, he said he's also directing the movie and described it as a "dream come true".

The grime artist and film director gained attention in 2018 when he produced Shiro's Story - a three-part series about the world of rap, drug dealing and violence.

It's different to many other dramas because there's very little spoken dialogue, instead the conversations are done through the medium of rap.

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Shiro's Story: The UK rap drama stacking up views

Blue Story is similar although the plot is about a postcode war in south London.

At the beginning of each episode on YouTube, Rapman writes: "Young people are fighting and dying for areas they have no ownership over.

"The youth need to realise they are not soldiers enlisted by the government to defend and regulate areas, they are simply residents by circumstance."

Rapman has partnered with Paramount Pictures UK and BBC Films on the production.

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