WWE: Daniel Bryan reveals new eco-friendly title belt

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Daniel Bryan has binned the WWE Championship leather belt in favour of a new eco-friendly title.

Speaking at Tuesday's Smackdown Live, the wrestler unveiled the new belt in front of fans.

WWE says it is made from 100% sustainable organic hemp and carved from a naturally-fallen oak.

Describing it as the new "symbol of excellence", the four-time world champion says he wants to change the world with a new symbol.

The Smackdown Live audience were the first to see the new design.

"This is trash," he told fans as he threw the old leather belt in the bin in the middle of the ring.

"I said that when I became the WWE champion that I was going to change the world but to change the world we need new symbols.

"Rowan, bring it out," he said as the man to his left took the belt out of a black bag.

"This is the new symbol of excellence. This is your new WWE Championship."

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Continuing with the environmental theme, Daniel Bryan has also taken exception to the special edition Royal Rumble burger being sold in the past.

He tweeted to say that the Chase Field venue should be ashamed - claiming that animals had suffered in the making of the burger and that it was also bad for the health of those eating it.

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Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from wrestling in February 2016 after sustaining several concussions.

He was medically cleared to return to the ring in March 2018.

Daniel Bryan will now defend his new eco-friendly belt against five WWE superstars inside an Elimination Chamber.

It means two people will start the bout and others will be released from pods at intervals.

The last fighter standing will be the WWE Champion.

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