Love Island: Winners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham confirm split

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Love Island winners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham have announced they've split up.

The couple, who got together during the 2018 series of the reality TV show, had been in a relationship for six months.

Writing on Instagram, Dani said they had realised their relationship was "not meant to be long term".

She told her followers the pair planned to stay friends and "will always have a place in our hearts for each other".

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A record-breaking 3.6 million people watched Jack and Dani win the £50,000 prize during the Love Island final.

They won over viewers with their straight talking and for staying together throughout the whole series - which lasted two months.

After the show ended, the couple moved in together and got a puppy.

Dani, daughter of EastEnders' Danny Dyer, has since launched a clothing line and written a book, while Jack has released his own stationery brand.

The pair had also been filming a new reality show about their life together.

Jack hasn't commented on the split yet.

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Image caption Only a few couples from the show are still together

From reality TV to the reality of life

Psychologist and celebrity relationship coach Jo Hemmings says she's a bit disappointed but "not surprised" Dani and Jack have broken up.

She told Radio 1 Newsbeat that couples who meet on reality TV often rush into a serious relationship.

"There's often an undue haste to settle down with many of these couples to prove that - publicly and personally - they've found the right person to stabilise what is a fairly unstable platform."

She adds: "They moved in together, that's very fast for any relationship, so the things they didn't find out about each other on screen, they began to find out and that simply didn't really work for them."

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Image caption Dani was supported by Jack, her dad Danny and mum Joanne at the launch of her clothing line

Andrew Bloch, founder of public relations company Frank PR, says he thinks Jack and Dani will be successful on their own.

"People watching the show bought into them both as individuals," he says.

"They've both made a lot of money after the show and more importantly built up their own paths and brand relationships.

"There's no reason that them being apart will mean that people don't like them."

He also believes their break-up will be addressed in the reality show they've filmed together.

"Dani and Jack rose to fame as a couple in the public spot light and they will have to deal with their split publicly too."

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Image caption Love Island finalists Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson are still together

But celebrity divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt thinks couples who are a brand have a lot to lose when they split.

"They will certainly lose out on some financial opportunities as a brand name.

"All those people who signed up to use them as a couple will be disappointed."

Vanessa says couples who get together on reality TV shows often run into problems later down the line.

"These kind of programmes where couples are told to get together are a recipe for disaster, because they're artificial situations and don't last.

"It can be quite destructive for the people involved in it."

Dani and Jack's break-up means two out of the four couples who made it to the final of the show are still in relationships.

Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson and Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel are together - while the other couple in the final, Paul Knops and Laura Anderson, split in September.

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