Rebecca More: The straight porn star turned into a gay icon by the internet

Image source, Rebecca More

Rebecca More is one of the best-known straight porn stars in the UK at the moment, but not for the reasons she probably expected.

Rebecca's OTT, tongue-in-cheek video teasers for her adult films have become a viral sensation thanks to gay fans on Twitter.

She's become an internet celebrity thanks to endless memes about her work.

And she's loving every moment of her success - and the positive attention it brings.

"It's a joy to wake up to social media in the morning," Rebecca tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

"The amount of kindness and fun that I'm reading is just a joy."

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Rebecca, 38, and originally from Windsor, has been working in the adult industry for eight years and posts videos on Twitter.

They began going viral last week.

Now, the memes in this article contain modest nudity - a lot of others, which we haven't included, are NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

But that hasn't stopped her from dominating people's timelines.

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She's had attention before but over the last month she's been getting a very different kind of audience.

Rebecca says there have even been people dressing up as her and lip-syncing to her videos.

"There's one guy, he dressed himself exactly like me, he's got the top I wore, red lipstick, blue eye shadow, all my jewellery… it's amazing."

Zac Barson's tweet joking about expensive sandwiches from a certain store is one of the many Rebecca memes which have gone viral.

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"Gay Twitter has launched her fame and I'm so here for it," Zac tells Newsbeat.

"Her sexual liberation is inspiring."

Rebecca calls it "the highest honour", especially in an industry which can often attract criticism.

"Because I'm an adult performer we can get nasty stuff said about us at times," she says.

"That's part of the job. You learn to just block out the negativity.

"But this has been a really great online community of people just having a giggle and not taking ourselves so seriously."

Image source, Rebecca More/Instagram
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Rebecca More says her new-found fame is "the highest honour"

Rebecca says she does feel she now has a responsibility to make sure the stuff she posts is PG-rated, in case it goes viral.

"What I do is over-18. I wouldn't want what I do to get in the wrong hands.

"That's the thing with Twitter, when you put it out there, it's got that freedom to go anywhere."

She says she also now bears in mind what her new-found gay audience would like to see.

"I want straight guys to buy into the fantasy of this luxury woman they can't have."

"The funny thing is, straight guys love that and the gay guys love that too.

"So I'm winning!"

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