Bald Idris Elba doll is mocked online as fans see no similarity

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Image caption The 46-year-old is due to appear in the new Fast & Furious film

Idris Elba was recently named People Magazine's sexiest man alive but fans were not convinced by a doll's resemblance to the Hollywood star.

The supposed lookalike doll sports a sleek three-piece-suit, blue jeans and brown shoes - nothing wrong with that?

What's shocked most people were the somewhat evil looking facial features and the bald head of the doll.

British handcraft designers Emperis are the makers of the doll.

The company was founded in 2010 and claims to be "thee only handcrafted ball joined doll that is not only designed but also made in England".

The website says they are a powerhouse in the doll world and have invested a lot of time into their dolls to a standard that they are happy with.

"We believe that each new design should lead you into a world of imagination."

That world of imagination for most people being - what were Emperis thinking?

Idris has yet to make a comment about the doll - but - there is hope on finding out who the doll is actually meant to resemble.

The doll went on sale earlier this month and despite the inaccuracies, sales have apparently been successful for Emperis.

Newsbeat has contacted the company for a comment.

This isn't the first time a designer has got a celebrity pretty wrong.

You might remember Cristiano Ronaldo's bust which was unveiled at a Portuguese airport last year.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Ronald-no?

Sculptor Emanuel Santos received heavy backlash for his design which was mocked worldwide and has since been replaced.

Egyptian football star Mo Salah had his sculpture unveiled in his home country earlier this month.

To say the least - people weren't keen on the resemblance to the Liverpool striker.

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Media captionWhat do the people of Liverpool think of the new statue of football star Mohamed Salah?

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