Post Malone's bad luck put down to 'haunted' object

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Post Malone's not been too lucky recently.

First, the rapper was involved in a plane emergency when two tyres of his private jet blew out on the runway.

A few days later, his old house was reportedly broken into by gun-toting invaders.

A week after that, he was involved in a car crash when his Rolls Royce collided with another car.

Now, some fans think they might have found the reason behind this spate of bad luck.

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Posty in happier times - presumably before he found out he's haunted

The 23-year-old's been cursed by a haunted box.

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A minute-long black-and-white silent video explains all, apparently.

Released by TMZ, it shows the Rockstar rapper during a visit to the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, to look at what's meant to be the world's most haunted object.

Although that's according to its owner Zak Bagans, who runs the museum.

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In the video, Zak touches the box, and Posty touches his shoulder - which is apparently enough to get yourself cursed.

Zak appears to explain something to the rapper before they both run out of the room.

He may have been explaining that the box is said to contain a dybbuk - which, in Jewish mythology, is a malicious spirit.

What he may not have explained is that the box was a wine cabinet bought on eBay in 2003, before being donated to the museum a few years later, according to the LA Times.

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Dybbuk box owner Zak Bagans - whose left nostril seems to be possessed by something

The dybbuk box was linked with some spooky events - so spooky, in fact, it inspired 2012 horror film The Possession.

In that film, it's the source of death and destruction rather than burst tyres and near misses.

But Post Malone doesn't seem to be blaming the scary box for his recent woes - he's got his own theory.

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