Fortnite is now even being blamed for divorce

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Fortnite has been blamed for violence, students missing school and now apparently divorce.

The survival video game's been cited in a number of recent break-ups, according to a new survey.

As it grows in popularity the list of things it's being blamed for gets longer and more spurious.

From stealing credit cards to bad dancing here are our top five.


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The aim of Fortnite is to survive for as long as possible - but spend too much time focusing on that and your marriage might die a death.

According to research by, 200 divorces since January 2018 mentioned addiction to Fortnite and other online games as one of the reasons for the relationship breakdown.

A partner playing Fortnite a lot probably is quite annoying, but it might not be the one and only reason behind a divorce.

Bad dancing

Flossing, fresh and flapping - that's not advice from your dentist, but dance crazes that have become a lot more popular because of Fortnite.

Dancing is no bad thing, but it can be annoying if you have to watch people doing the moves badly.

They usually end up becoming memes and you can't get away from them on social media.

Doctor Alex on this year's Love Island celebrated with his attempt at the floss when he found out Hollywood actress Margot Robbie thought he was cute.

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England and Tottenham footballer, Dele Alli also loves a good Fortnite dance.

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It's not all bad though, because one health club claims to have found a way to get Fortnite-obsessed teenagers away from their game consoles.

David Lloyd has introduced an exercise class for those wanting to learn the dance moves featured in the game.

Playing Fortnite instead of doing maths

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Fortnite Battle Royale was released on mobiles in March and it meant students could play it anywhere they wanted.

Students at one school were so distracted their teacher came up with a plan.

He posted on the game's Reddit thread, asking the game's developers if they could "mess with" his students.

"Mr Hillman says stop playing in class" now features on a loading screen in the app.

Focus on the job

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Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons

NBA player, Andre Drummond claims he is hooked on the game.

He told the bleacher report that it took over his life.

Drummond says the funny thing is he's not even very good at the game.

He rarely tallies any kills and spends most of time focusing on not dying in the opening moments of the game.

It was also claimed baseball player David Price missed a game because he had carpal tunnel syndrome due to Fortnite.

The syndrome causes pain due to pressure on a nerve in your wrist.

The claim was he developed the problem playing the game - something he denies.


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The children's charity NSPCC claimed Fortnite could expose them to violence.

The game involves trying to killing as many people as possible to progress.

But this isn't anything new, since video games began some have been blamed for exposing people to violence.

Research by Oxford University's Andy Przybylski, looked into how video games impact our mental health.

His findings show just 0.3% of gamers might experience problems controlling the time they spend playing.

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