Reece Prescod: I'm either the next Bolt or an estate agent

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Double British sprinting champion Reece Prescod has had a busy few months.

He shocked the sporting world in May when he beat world champion American sprinter Justin Gatlin in the men's 100m race in Shanghai.

Shortly after, he ran a time of 9.88 seconds at the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon, a mere millisecond behind Linford Christie's British record.

The time didn't count because there was too much of a tailwind, but Reece is unfazed.

In fact, he's happy to have come so close, so soon.

"Obviously the record was quite a while back, but I feel like I've always kind of had it in mind," he told Newsbeat.

"I thought it would come a bit later, but to get close to it, even though it wasn't legal, I feel like it's definitely showing what kind of shape I'm in.

"I'm pretty happy about that."

The next Usain Bolt?

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image captionIn terms of taking the title of fastest man in the world, Reece says "anything is possible"

Getting a time that's just a millisecond shy of a record that was set before Reece was even born isn't bad for the 22-year-old athlete.

He's repeatedly taken people by surprise with his performance, so much so that even he admits: "No one really saw me coming".

This has led some to hail him as the next Usain Bolt and Reece hopes he can "definitely fill the gap" one day.

The eight-time Olympic gold medallist retired from athletics last year at the age of 30.

"Now he's gone I feel like there's not such a big gap, but at the same time it is very competitive," Reece said.

"Bolt does have amazing things. I don't think I could do everything that he did, but I definitely like challenging some of the things he's done.

"I feel like he's a great role model to look up to and see what he's done."

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image captionReece says athletics still feels like a hobby even though it's his job

Now, Reece is attempting to take the pressure that comes along with success in his stride.

"Before it was kind of a surprise, but when you're now becoming an established name I feel like there's an expectation to win," he says.

"It's different, it's a bit challenging, but I feel like I'm taking it day by day."

Ahead of the Anniversary Games on Sunday, Reece says there's more expectation for him, but he's "definitely enjoying it".

If running doesn't work out though, Reece already has a Plan B.

"Everyone always laughs at me for saying this but I'd actually be an estate agent," he revealed.

"Once I'm actually done with athletics, I might even go back into that."

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