The UK magician who blew Drake's mind with a magic lollipop

By Michael Baggs
Newsbeat reporter

Image source, Julius Dein

Number one singles are all in a day's work for Drake - it takes a magic lollipop to really blow the rapper's mind.

London-based magician Julius Dein had the opportunity to perform a trick on the Canadian star during his recent visit to the UK.

Julius bumped into Drake in a nightclub in London and filmed a stunt with the star.

He asked Drake what he was holding and who his favourite superhero is.

The answers were a lollipop and Batman.

Here's what happened next.

Blowing Drakes mind! 🦂 @champagnepapi #drake

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After putting the boiled sweet in his mouth, Julius pulled it out a few seconds later (after a few subtle movements in his mouth) with it reshaped into the head of Batman.

Julius has close to 20 million followers on Facebook and Instagram.

He was invited to the party by Drake, who has followed Julius on Instagram for the past 12 months.

"He messaged me because he was having an album launch party for Scorpion, he just said to come through," the 24-year-old tells Newsbeat.

"I made sure, just in case he wanted to see a little trick, I was at the ready."

Image source, Julius Dein
Image caption,
Julius is a social media superstar and plans to tour the UK and US at the end of 2018 or early 2019

The launch party was packed with guests such as Liam Payne, French Montana, Stormzy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Migos and Lil' Yachty.

But despite performing tricks for stars like these, Julius didn't want to interrupt Drake's "boujee party" by filming more reaction videos.

"Drake has a feel for what I do," he says.

"It's less random than me rocking up to French Montana, who might not have seen my stuff before."

Drake was left suitably shocked by Julius's trick.

Perhaps almost as shocked as DJ Khaled fans who bought tickets to see Khaled perform at this year's Wireless festival, which took place in early July.

Drake was a surprise replacement for DJ Khaled and performed a 25-minute set of new material at the London event.

Wireless festival claimed Khaled was unable to perform due to travel problems and scheduling conflicts with his reality show, The Four.

Drake's brief set came after the festival claimed they had "something special" planned for people, who were disappointed by Khaled posting holiday photos a few hours before he was due to go on stage.

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