England fans' love letters to Gareth Southgate


It's taken 28 years but England have made it to the semi-final of the World Cup.

After beating Sweden 2-0 they can now look ahead to their final four match with Croatia on Wednesday in Moscow.

Many are in awe of the way manager Gareth Southgate, 47, has brought the team together.

Three fans from Nottingham, who flew out to Russia for the quarter final, have written love letters to him:

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Gareth Southgate says England's appearance in a first World Cup semi-final since 1990 is an "incredible feeling"

Craig Wing is a very happy man.

"Dear Gareth, just want to say a massive thank you for the whole performance.

"Look at what you've done with the fans it's bringing everyone together, it's amazing.

"This here today just shows you what fans we have got.

"It's passion now back in football, too many years have gone to hurt but now hopefully it's bringing it back.

"Gareth, love you to bits matey, Winger, Nottingham."

"I'm out here until Gareth goes home," says his friend Danny Morgan, 32.

"Dear Gareth, keep doing what you're doing. Quality.

"Maguire player of the tournament."

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Harry Maguire scored the first header against Sweden in the quarter final

Their mate Ryan Beales has similar feelings for the man who's lead England to the semi-final for only the third time ever.

"Dear Gareth, I can't believe how we're performing in this tournament, it's amazing!

"You've brought back the passion, the belief, it's back.

"I love you Gareth."

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