World Cup 2018: 'We're getting married during the England match'

Emma and Dan in front of a chapel Image copyright Getty Images/Emma Robson

It's likely the guests at Emma Robson's wedding on Saturday will be a little distracted.

The engineer and her fiance, Dan Rodgers, hadn't anticipated their vows would clash with England's World Cup quarter-final game.

But it might not be the end of the world for the 26-year-old.

"The vicar is going to do score updates during the ceremony," says Emma.

"I genuinely want people to stand up and cheer if England score. That'd be the best."

Image copyright Emma Robson
Image caption Emma and Dan met while working at McDonald's

Their ceremony in Hexham, Northumberland, will kick off just as England enter the second half of their match against Sweden.

The team's victory against Colombia on Tuesday night was historic - the first time they have won in a knockout stage at a major tournament since 2006.

And a few of the almost 24 million fans who watched that game will be at Emma and Dan's wedding, eager to see how their team gets on.

"I think it's going to be such a fantastic day all round," says Emma.

"We've sent a message to people saying 'Make sure your phones are fully charged' so they can keep up with the scores during the ceremony."

Image copyright Emma Robson
Image caption Emma says her younger cousins are being forced to come to the wedding

The couple met while working in McDonald's around eight years ago, when Emma says she "chased Dan for months" for a date.

They have even toyed with the idea of a McDonald's-themed buffet for their wedding reception.

"We are going to try to find an England flag to have in our photos.

"Win or lose, we've got alcohol and a dance floor."

Image copyright Danny Roberts
Image caption Nikita and Danny will be showing the match at their wedding

In Blandford, Dorset, Danny Roberts and Nikita Perkins have changed plans for their wedding to make sure guests can watch the match.

"The pub we're getting married in doesn't have a TV, so we've had to get a big screen for the marquee afterwards," says Danny.

"We'll have to move our speeches forward too."

The 29-year-old says he's looking forward to sharing the day with England, win or lose.

"It'll be the best day of our lives, either way. Everyone's going to be up for a party."

Image copyright Ashley Hilton-Douse
Image caption Ashley's hoping to sneak off to watch the match

Ashley Hilton-Douse is similarly relaxed about his wedding to Rachel Padley - although the couple are expecting some disruption from guests.

"I've heard rumours my colleagues are planning to bring an iPad so they can watch the game under the table," says the 25-year-old.

Rachel explains: "Everybody wants to watch so we'll just have to go with it."

The beauty therapist and her joiner fiance are getting married at a church near their home in Beverley, Yorkshire.

"We're happy for guests to pop out for five minutes to check the scores," Rachel says.

But she adds: "It's Ashley's job to get anyone back who's gone AWOL."

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